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So it's been a week since my last post, I wanted to do this sooner, but I found that whenyou're working on several things at once things sometimes take longer then you expect.

The Plan is going great! I have been learning a ton about some of the tokens here on Hive. Everyday there is always a new piece of info to strengthen my knowledge.

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As shown on my Calander here, the first week got started off a little rocky and I missed a day in fully completeing my three tasks.

Learn Something New

I have been learning more & more about tokens here on Hive. Little things that I did not know but are important details. In addition, I started reading a series by Joushua King called Crypto Investing, this is a 9 book series which each book will cost me $2.99 on my Kindle unless I can get them for free from his website.
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Be Seen

I have been in discord a little more then normal. I never really understood how discord worked and it is a little confusing to me but since that's where the community (CTP) has gone, I have no choice to learn to understand it more. Also, I try to answer my comments everyday and comment on others posts.

Add Value

It seems that my series on 'Tokens On My Radar' has been of value to others. It has gotten a lot of response and several have expressed be anxious to see the series progress.

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Other Post In The Plan Series

Plan | Challenge | Journey ..... What's The Difference?

Thanks for reading!!
See Ya next post!!

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Tokens On My Radar Series

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The header banner was made in Canva with pictures from the original banner and some pics of my own

Crypto Investing 101 Pic of Book Cover taken with my cell phone.

All other pics are my own.


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