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I always feel good about my accomplishments. It doesn't matter how big or small, or how much but these past few days I fell short. As you can see when you look at my calandar on Friday & Saturday, I contributed no value to my business, goals or Hive. At this point it escapes me of what went on Friday in my life. I know I spent some part of the day on Hive and was around insocial media as well. However, I know I sent no emails & did no posts. So that pretty much explains the 'No Value' on those days.

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It's pretty much been the usual around here. Commenting, curating, jumping in & out of discord tryin to see what's going on & what I might have missed when I wasn't around. Reading my crypto books when I have time & learning about new tokens when I can. All exciting stuff to share with you! But of course, that's in a whole other posts.

#### Coming soon to a HIVE near you!! LOL.

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See Ya next post!!

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Crypto Investing 101 Pic of Book Cover taken with my cell phone.

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