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'Thriving On Hive'?

I'm fighting every step of the way to continue to thrife on hive. when you see my chart below for my activities, you'll notice that there was no activity on Sunday. This is the results of what happens when life's distaction take over. It's funny how the smallest things affect you. You would never believe what was the cause, I try to be active 7 days a week as this is required for me to accomplish what I'm trying to do here on hive. Anyways, I had an abscess that stopped me in my tracks.

My Abscess.....

when I think of this abscess, I try to compare it to a small piece of fruit but even the smaless fruit I can think of may be a little too big or some just aren't big enough. Like cheeries or grapes or even chery tomatoes, these are all too small but then you thing about something like apricots, they're too big. So somewhere in between a cheery & and apricot, about 1 1/2 - 2 inches or so. It looked like I had something about that size just sitting in my mouth at the gumline. This is how big the abscess had grown. An abscess is just another word for an infection, that's what makes it grow to any size. As the infection builds in that spot it gets bigger & bigger.

So what does that have to do with thriving on hive? Simple, I was in sooo much pain from this abscess that I couldn't even sit at my desk & do anything on my computer. I did manage to struggle through and get my daily power up in, but that was it. I took some pain meds starting Saturday night & was so medicated that all I could do was lay down & sleep to avoid dealing with the pain. The whole side of my face was hurting and the pain was running down my neck and behind my ear. There was nothing I could do but you best believe that the next morning I got to my doctors office to get some antibiotics to fend of the infection & stop it in it's tracks.

My abscess has set me back & slowed me down a bit as I am still dealing with it. I have much less pain now, & refuss to let this little thing prevent me from 'THRIVING ON HIVE'.

I went a little off track here, but wanted to share this with you as I don't like to miss a day of thriving on hive. But as you see while this did slow me down a bit, I still refuse to let it stop me conpletely.

I'm Still Here!! #THRIVEONHIVE !!

This Week's Tracking Sheet

This week my tracking sheet

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Now here you may notice that everything is not on my tracking sheet as it is on the goals, the reason being is that I just don't do that thing or it's not for me. It's not about my comfort zone either. I don't play Splinterlands so there's no need to include it in my daily activity. I also left out D.C.A. to hive daily, not because I’ve already reach goal 1 but because I just don't have it like that and I try to DCA on a weekly basis when I'm doing my weekly goals update.
See Ya next week!!

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What's this 'Thrive on Hive'?

Well this is the latest challenge I'm doing from the CTP tribe. the goals have been laid out & the tasks of how to get there have been set. I have already achieved goal 1 but that doesn't mean that I stop doing the tasks. I will post periodically (weekly at minimum) to report my successes and failures (if any).

Here's the Goals & Task as set forth;

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