Today I Start My Journey in The CTP Content Challenge

The 30 Day Content Challenge.png
Made in Canva with photo from CTPcontent challenge

I have been waiting for this day to arrive and it's here!

Below I share with you my #CTPContent Calendar with and explain what I'm planning to complete this challenge.

My Calendar:

Screenshot (2811).png

As seen in my calendar I will do a video each week on Saturday to update you in how things are going and other happenings on my journey.

On Wednesday I will post about my community in the works. I started this community some time ago and have not been able to really give it much attention because of things going on in my personal life so I see this as a way to hopefully get it going and also to make it a regular habit of talking abut it at least once a week.

All other days just say 'Post or Quote', this is because my days change daily and it's hard for me to stick to a schedule. Also, sometimes when that ole writer's block kick in, I would just resort to a quote.

I have many post that I had prepared for but never wrote so I will probably use some of them. While I have many ideas of what I want to do to get through this 30 days (and hopefully build some habits) I never know for sure where my mind will take me so that's why I just say post or quote on most of the days.

During this challenge I will not only use hive but I will look forward to becoming more active in some of my other sites where I had fallen off of using them to actually engage with others. I need to get back to engaging with my audience and fellow community members.

In addition to #CTPTalk and #Hive will be using social media sites such as:

Torum Dbuzz

Twitter Instagram Facebook

Odysee is my choice for videos

And most of my post will come from my websites:



Team Future Faith

These are my methods of attack and of course I will use email to engage with and grow my list.

This is the start of a beautiful journey!!
Follow me, come join me, Just ask me how!

See ya soon!!

Charletta Allen


Looks like a good plan @successchar, with a nice balance of specificity and flexibility. I'm also aiming to create one video a week and post it on Odysee as well as YouTube. What's your Odysee username?