Tokens On My Radar | What's That Token All About? ... Bite 6

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Today We're Talking Other Tokens To Consider & okens of No Interest!

These list are long but interesting. Most of these tokens I don't know enough about to elaborate on but have taken a little interest to consider tracking them. The main thing about these tokens is they are still growing a little, so I have to give them a chance, learn more about them, like what kind of tokens they are, where & why are they coming from and ending up in my wallet. My guess would be that I curate/comment on post that these are tagged in. I have already moved a few tokens from this list. Some moved up to whatever type they are & some have moved into the no interest/dead catorgory. Even some of the tokens on the no interest list are still growing.


These tokens are coming from something I'm doing but I have no idea what that is for most of them. They need researching but is not a top priority for me right now. I will continue to track them & keep up with what I am getting each month. Also, I may have heard of some of them & might have taken an interest at the time they appeared but never really learned details to determine that I should change my priority or way of thinking about them. This is what my series is all about, learning about the tokens in my wallet in detail & deciding if and why I should pay attention to them or if I should just let them continue to just be there.

Let's Take A Look At My Other Tokens I'm Considering.......

Looking over all my charts where I have classified my tokens, these tokens are still up in the air. I will research them as I have time but they are not my first priority. Once I do I will classify them and move them to their appropiatr chart.

DEC - I know this token comes to me in drips from income tokens I hold & it is used in the game 'Splinterlands'. I know there is more to this token but need to find out what & classify it.

BEE - I know this is the governence token for Hve-Engine and that it is used to purchase things like in token creation but that's it. It has peaked my interest for those reasons as one day I would like to have my own community & token.

PIMP, LEN, VYB, & BPC - These are all reward tokens I'm fimiliar with but need more info on them. They peaked my interest at one time and now I must decide just how much interest I have in them.

Raven - is a nusic token and on this list simply because it doesn't fit anywhere else yet. I whole heartedly support @ravenmus1c and her efforts to build her music through Hive.

Time - This is a token from a community member she designed alongside her 1440 initiative. She does interviews with others on how they spend their 1440 minutes that we all have each day & @lisamgentile1960 offers indormation on how you can get the most out of your 1440 each day.

The rest of these tokens peaked my interest at some point but I know nothing at all about them & will one day after I've done the ones that are most important to me, will research, classify & move appropiately.

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Let's Take A Look At The No Interest/Dead Tokens......

This is an interesting chart, simply because some of these tokens I know enough to know that they could be on the consider list but I really have no interest in them. Like there are a couple of gaming tokens here and I know they come from curating content with the tags, so I get a little. All of these tokens will eventually move up or be added to the no interest/dead list.

What Do I Mean By Dead?.....

These tokens had some promise inittially, but for some reason or another no longer is active. What will happen to these in the futre is one of 2 things. 1) I will stop even bothering with them or 2) They will just build and I'll swap them out to get a little swap.hive. That is for the ones that sill drop bits to me for whatever reason. I will always display this chart as it's part of my wallet, but rarely elaborate on it. The only time I will elaborate on this chart is if I decide to move a token up to consider it.

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Now I ain't no PRO & I'm surely ain't NO FINANCIAL ADVISOR...... I just like what I'm doing and want to share this info with you. BE WARNED that this is an investment of your time and maybe your money & I am in no way obligated to you or anyone else as to the results you get from the info in this and any other of my posts. I bare NO RESPONSIBLITY to you or any of the tokens & their providers. DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE!

Thanks for reading & following along!!

See Ya next post!!

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