Is Splinterland Node worth buying...?

So hello everyone how are you all hope so everyone is well and good so friends today as i was going through Splinterland site so while watching it i found that Splinterland is offering there node for sale.
In total there are going to be 60k Splinterland nodes which will be coming phase by phase and whatever amount is been collected from the purchase of nodes will be burnt which is a very good move by the team.

As pre sale is over so now you can buy it from the sale round 1 which will cost you 1500$ + 500 sps vouchers so in total it will be 1750$ approx.

So is it worth it honestly speaking as of now i am also still figuring out if this investment is worth it as untill and unless the roi is not clear so till than i will not be able to answer your query.

For me the most important factor before investing is the roi as it helps me generate passive income for my day to day expenses.

So ill be back again with my further findings as soon as things gets clear to me.

Thanks friends have a great day ahead.

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