Hello everyone!
Here's my first post here, I think. Lol.

A first look at the blog-topic and I almost took a step back from writing. Why? Cooking is not so much my thing. Although that has changed in the past weeks especially because I found DIY more beneficial in general.


My sumptuous ukazi soup. Okay, I didn't make this alone. Had a little help but I did more of the work. Eating more veggies and natural foods have been helpful.

To begin, I understand minimalism go be a lifestyle movement concerned with reducing unnecessary complexities in all aspects of life, and focusing on only that, which is necessary.

In some of my other blog articles, I mentioned I have been using YouTube to help and sharpen my culinary skills. Even then, my meals have always been simple.

I won't deny that I like me some tasty-looking meals but I understand it should go beyond aesthetics. Who cares, other than your body, what meal you eat once it's seated pretty in your stomach?

For starters tho, my meals have always been simple. That's to say that I have been a minimalist long before I even realized that.

So of course, my meals feel the heat of the influence, thus;


And here's my epic melon soup. This was all me. You can tell from the quantity of oil in it. Lol

Better portion
Many say eating out is a lot more inexpensive. I used to, too, but that has changed. Ever since I started to do more of the cooking, I've cut down a lot of expense on food. I realized that the money I would have used to get a plate of food outside, can make me a proper meal which go two rounds. And I'm almost mastering the art of cooking.

Healthier, quality meal
With minimalism, I get to put my health needs first. I'm a lot concerned about what goes in my mouth. I take my time to sort for, and prep my meal ingredients. Quality is of the essence.

No wastages.
My mum had a no-waste rule and I grew up with that kmowledge. No leftovers. Being alone or even having guests over, I only make what I assume we can finish.
But in case of leftovers, rather than discard them, I refigerate them. It always comes in handy as meal for some other day.

Time saving and cuts cost
One thing I have been practicing of late is buying stuff in bulk. When you purchase items in bulk, there's a chance that they'd be of less cost than buying singly. That way, I get to make some meals and store up in the refrigerator or just buy non-perishables for later use.

With that, i have learned the importance and class in having only necessary, quality utensils which also have an impact on my minimalist meal preparation.

There's been a lot of impacts to my meals but these are but a few.
Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Minimal ingredients and tool don't have to make food looks boring. I generally eat the same thing almost everyday and it saves a lot of my time. No waste is also important. Nice write up.