Rabona: Bought 10 Billion RBN / Preparation my team Man-U FC

Hello! Football lovers on Hive.
Rabona is very nice game. If you
are interested to football. You may
like this blockchain game.


This game has a lot of features.
You can trade the players on the
market. You can manage the entire
of football team such as players
salaries tickets shirts and scarfs
selling upgrading your stadium etc..

Bought RBN

I bought 10 billion RBN for 1 Hive.
I need to rebuild my football team.
It's been a long time since I entered
the game. Now time to prepare.


Rebuild my team

I had no players in my team
because their contracts expire
and left from my team. Now time
to prepare my team. I signed 11
players from free angency. I looked
for players between OS 50 and 60.
I think OS 50-60 is enough for
league-3. You can see my players
as below table.

AttAdam Tichy21604258
AttLudwig Dietrich20604376
AttMichael Douglas27593878
MidSteven Heath23593915
MidLuo Fang22593825
MidRafa Sosa20604349
DefRichard Willis20594158
DefYou Ishii20604348
DefEudyn Linares19604218
DefArthur Hartmann22604258
GKLukas Holzer36594062


There have a lot of building. That
make you feel that you are a
football team owner. And you have
to manage incomes and outcomes.
My team Stadium level are as
following table.

Stadium Capacity7
Catering Capacity6
Shop Capacity2
Parking Lot6
Office Building2
Building Yard2
Youth Academy1
Training Center4

I hope that I will be winner league-3
in this season.


Fans are important for your income.
My fans are very low now. I hope
that when I become Champion my
fans will be more. Now my total
fans is 59004

Total matches: 2214
Won: 1096
Lost: 1041
Draw: 77

Gif source >>>

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