Risingstar Daily Giveaway Win Starbits - 10000 (Ends 27 May) and Daily Progress 27 May 2023

Risingstar Daily Giveaway And Daily Progress 27 May 2023 :

I have played the risingstar today for whole day and it is now almost bed time here, so before going to sleep let me share my today progress and giveaway.

Today Giveaway and winner of Yesterday Giveaway :

Starbits for Giveaway : 1 * 10000

Rules of Giveaway participation :

  1. Add a comment to this post if you want to participate.
  1. Please follow me so that you don't miss the next giveaway but not required.
  1. Please remember to mention your Risingstar game user id in comment if it is different then Hive user id used for the commenting.
  1. The giveaway is active until the next publication

Timeline for the give away is 9 pm IST or 3.30 pm (Saturday)

Participants for giveaway 26 May 2023** :

Other participants: @rtonline, @henruc, @ladymisa, @vaynard86, @josman831, @daethical, @qumao, @blitzzzz, @pero82, @ieronimus, @ianballantine, @kryptofire, @nietokilll, @pulubengdugs, @treefrognada, @bitandi.

Winner will be picked on random basis by using this tool Hive Comment Picker or https://wheelofnames.com/

Starbits Transfer Details :

My Current Progress In Game


Now I am playing at Level 198. I have opened my new level and started playing my new level i.e "County Tour". As I am moving to upper level, it takes time to complete the levels.

At this rate, it will probably take few weeks to reach goal 200 to start a new mission "County Tour". But now am at Level 198.


Today I have completed 14947 missions, today I added 25 for a total of 14947 completed missions. These missions gives me STARBITS and also SKILL.

The journey is still long for this goal, but I will reach the Twenty Five thousand missions.


Illegal Busking1272
Open Mic Night1382
Mid Week Support1407
Licensed Busking691
Midweek Headline Slot331
Saturday Support117
Saturday Headline126
Radio Interview1509
Radio Studio Session281
Shopping Mall Performance1174
Record A Demo184
Local Festival Acoustic Tent215
Local Mini Tour Support380
Band Auditions7
Band Rehearsal1584
Full Band Support782
Full Band Headline1661
County Festivals Auditions51
County Festivals Gig51
Country Tour98
Have Your Cake & Eat It4
Birhday Party21
STARBITS Millionaire495
Gift Charity Gig3
Halloween 20225
Basic Singing Lesson67
Orchestral Lesson2
Guitar Lesson1015
Production Lesson17
Total Missions14947



This is the main reason I am really addicted to this game because it offers a lot of ways to earn by just learning every option provided in the game. Auto Curation votes for blogs, Missions, Record Staking, Trade at Marketplace, and many more.

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