Mimics And Gimmicks

It is usually seen that we repay kindness with kindness and if someone is hostile towards us, we project the same behavior. It’s not the same case all the time but quite a lot of times. Though unknowingly, we generally mirror each other’s expressions.

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Mirror Neurons is the reason behind this nature. We react equitably to what we notice or how we get treated. Mirror neurons are a way for us to learn to mimic actions similarly or up to a certain extent. Suppose, when a stranger smiles at us we often smile back at them. If we see a friend is crying, we too exhibit emotions that closely matches with our friend. When we get attacked, we defend ourselves. So, this is how a gesture is replicated.

Mirror neurons are a type of brain cell that respond equally when we perform an action and when we witness someone else perform the same action.Source

It can be said that emotions and expressions are contagious, and we’re quick to show our responses through impressions immediately as we look at something such as laugh or disgust. I watch my friend yawn once or twice and I find myself yawning. I say something funny, I start laughing and so do people around me. It is similar to looking at our own reflection and we promptly acknowledge it. When you see someone tapping his/her feet or hand, you too will start tapping. We don’t think about it much but mirror neurons intervene in our daily lives, sometimes without us realizing it.

Mirror neurons are useful when we pick up behaviors of kids or try to implement particular habits into them. For example, when your child gets hurt you console them; and so when your kid sees another baby has injured himself/herself, his/her almost immediate reaction is to help the other kid. The sole reason is they learned it from you.