How To Write Great Marketing Copies? Some Tips May Do The Trick

Do you want to become a marketer? You can be a copywriter, all you need is the skill, education or certificate is not always essential.

With regular practice and researching the market, you can easily become a qualified copywriter. All you need is a start.

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I am a professional Editor and Writer. I working in this arena for over 3 years now. So today I am going to share how I write. It is my writing process, there might be better processes, but I write this way. If you are looking for guidelines for SEO read this article that I wrote.

Blog Posts or Articles

  • First, I try to consult with my client and employer/manager.
  • I look into the buyer persona, audience demographics, behavior, and interest.
  • Then I do keyword research & I also look into google analytics.
  • Competitor analysis & SERP analysis.
  • Determine the length and type of the blog.
  • Research the subject matter. (Take notes of stat and examples and external links)
  • Look into the existing blogs to which I can relate and link (internal linking).
  • Then I make a content structure. (I make sure that readers can understand the gist even if they skim through it, by making it scannable)
  • After that, I start writing. (Implementing the standard SEO practice)
  • While writing I try to make a captivating intro and try to make my blog interesting.
  • Come up with a number of suitable SEO Friendly Headlines.
  • Insert photos and infographics (I make my own infographics as well) which will engage the reader.
  • Then I edit, proofread and summarize the content.
  • Let others read and implement the feedback.
  • Check the content with Grammarly and Hemmingway Editor. Edit again if it is required.
  • Insert Call to Actions (CTA) appropriately.
  • Publish at the right time regularly.


  • First I try to understand what the client wants. I think that client is always right.
  • I try to think from the customer's perspective.
  • Do Market research and try to come up with engaging and relevant copies which are short and catchy.
  • I also try to make the copies relevant to earlier copies.
  • And I also try to uphold the branding guidelines and strategy within my copies.
  • I prefer to convey clear and simple messages. Which also can be conversational and tells a story.
  • I try to engage the audience, I write to sell.
  • I prefer to look at data before writing copies.
  • I always write a number of copies and use the best one.


  • First, I determine the type of email. (Newsletter, Cold emails, Promotional Offer)
  • I find out the goal of the campaign.
  • Research the Target audience and market.
  • I consider what is the message I am sending, or content, or product.
  • Then I come up with a catchy, concise, and relevant email subject line.
  • If I am sending emails to specific people, I check their names.
  • Then I write a relevant and short email. Where I try to hook the reader at the - very beginning to make them read the whole email.
  • I proofread all the details.
  • I check all the attachments.
  • I schedule/send the mail at the proper time.
  • I make sure that I never forget to reply to any email.

What is the Most Important Part of Content Marketing?

To me, the most important part of good marketing content is educating the audience with clear and precise communication.

In this era where consumers are rational. It is thus so vital to communicate clearly and to understand the need of the buyers. Once we know the desire and needs of the buyers we can address those.

I think it is wise to let the customer know the necessary details right away. You can always provide boring information, but trust me it won't work. If you can tell the user what your product does, and how it can make their lives better, it is enough. How you made the product is not always necessary.

For example, let's think you are selling caffeine goods or coffee. So, let the customer know that you have coffee with a strong aroma and rich flavor. Do not bore them with your long description of your company and how you are marketing these products (yes some people care where the coffee is made, but that is not the main factor).

Websites Which I Follow on a Regular Basis

Mad Over Marketing

Ads Of The World

I just named two. I like to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and methods. These two are so rich with updates and content. Every marketing trick has something to teach. No matter how they are implemented.

The first one, MOM, provides descriptive information on the latest marketing trends or campaigns. All of them are proven, successful, or least highlighted marketing policy/step by companies all over the world.

Ads of the world showcase advertisements of different industries of the world. Print media, digital, or TVC. To be honest, I implemented many tricks from these two sites.

I can give you 100 reasons, but these are the core ones.

Some Recent Significant Social Media Campaigns with Good Copies I liked

I always lookout for new advertisements and marketing campaigns. Having said that, here are some examples which I really liked.

NetflixWanna Talk About It?


অলিম্পিক ইন্ডাস্ট্রিজ লিমিটেডভাষা, কখনো কখনো ভয়… কালো ভয়!!

Robiট্রাই না করলে বুঝবেন কিভাবে?

Wrap Up

I am just a novice. I didn't go to any business school, rather I studied law. You can always learn from reputed and credible sources. But I learned from doing. I can assure you these steps work and works smoothly.

If this post gets enough appreciation, I will come up with new posts, regarding marketing.


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