How Often You Get Distracted?


It is so easy to get distracted. You can be working on a project and looking up something, and next thing you know, 5 hours have passed. If you're like most people it doesn't help that there are lots of distractions around us today: the internet is one big distraction; we also have cell phone alerts; we even get distracted by our friends!

In order to find out how often people tend to get distracted during their day I conducted an experiment where I asked 25 random people what was the last thing they were doing when they got "distracted from their focus." It turns out that these 25 people had been on average distracted at least 3 times per hour. So if you assume that this number is correct for all humans then humanity as a whole gets on average 3-4 per hour.

It's natural, and I am just writing to see what you do to overcome distraction. I have found out that I get distracted the most when I have a deadline and I have to work hard the most.

It's like when you have an exam up ahead then all the other things in the world seem interesting, except for studies.

I think it's not possible to know is that you can not always tell if you are distracted unless someone asks you what's up. And even then it's hard for some people to identify distractions as distractions at first since they are so small and only sometimes show up.

I couldn't find the answer to this. It may be because I didn't brainstorm enough or because it is impossible to find out. So if anyone knows how often an average person gets distracted, please let me know!

All in all, everyone should try their best to focus on the important things but also keep in mind that there is nothing bad about getting distracted once in a while! We all need to refresh our minds often.

But it's an irony, when I am angry or want to get rid of a certain feeling, I can't get distracted at those times. I end up thinking the same thing again and again. And that is bad because then I get angrier or more frustrated about it. Ohh well!

I think distractions are like diseases! They're here to stay no matter what. We can't stop them but we should do our best to control them, at least a bit. Like why do people go for medicine when they have a disease? It's pretty much the same with distractions - we'll never be able to get rid of them totally, but we can always have some efforts to lessen their impacts on us!

Eh, it's just me being stupid... I just wanted to write in this regard.