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Do you think abortion should be legal? If so, then this article is for you.

You might not realize just how hard it is for a woman to get an abortion in most countries - but once you read this article, your eyes will be opened up to what's really going on here. And if that happens, then my work here is done! So sit back and enjoy learning more about one of the most important issues women are facing today!

Abortion should be legal because it provides a woman with the right to choose what happens to her body. It’s not up to any government, society, or religion to decide for her. She has the right to make that decision herself. And she deserves support from others in making this choice.

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What is Abortion?

Abortion is the term used to refer to a medical process that rids your body of pregnancy. It occurs when the fetus, which is also known as an embryo or baby in the womb, dies due to being detached from its mother's blood supply, its organs aren't formed properly, it was conceived outside of the uterus (also known as ectopic pregnancy), or other reasons. Sometimes abortion can occur naturally without any intervention.

When performed legally by trained professionals under sanitary conditions, abortions are very safe. However, when abortions are done illegally without professional care, they are often dangerous for women whose bodies have developed beyond 4-6 weeks gestation. This includes any time after the first missed period during which conception occurred.

Why Some People are Against Abortion

Many people do not support abortion. Some of the reasons people are against abortions are because they think that abortion is murder. Also, people believe that it is wrong to end a child's life before it has even begun. Lastly, some people do not like abortions because they think that there are other ways to avoid getting pregnant such as abstinence.

If you support abortion, then you might think it's the woman's choice whether to get one and if she does and someone else doesn't like it they can either live with her decision or not associate with her anymore.

If you're against abortion, then you might probably believe that no matter what the situation is — rape or poverty — we shouldn't kill babies; killing is wrong no matter how old the victim is.

Many people believe that women should not have abortions because it is immoral to "kill" another person even if they are unborn. However, everyone has different values and morals so what may seem wrong to you may not seem wrong to someone else. Some people believe that life begins at birth or when the baby can survive outside of its mother's body. Those people would think abortion is okay.

Why Abortion Should Be Legal

Women should be able to decide what happens with their bodies. Women have reproductive rights too.

It is the woman who should decide what she wants. She should be able to decide if she wants a child or not and it's her body. Who is anyone else to tell her what she can and cannot do with it?

The decision to abort should be up to the woman who is carrying the pregnancy - not her parents, friends, or society as a whole.

In the 21st century, women should be allowed to make decisions about their own bodies. Laws against abortion imply that a woman has no right over her own body and child; rather, it is decided by another human being, whether or not they are ready for parenthood. According to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. By forcing a woman to carry out an unwanted pregnancy at risk to her life, this declaration is violated.

If abortion is illegal, it would create an unsafe environment for women seeking abortions.

If abortion were illegal, there would be an increase in unsafe abortions performed by people who aren't qualified - this could cause health problems and even death. No matter what the law is or how rigid it is, people will try to abort unwanted pregnancies. While doing so, since they cannot seek professional care, such critical and sensitive medical care would be in the hands of the unprofessional. Which will lead to a great risk of failure. Many women die in such a process.

Teenagers who become pregnant will have a higher chance of dropping out of high school or college because they cannot afford to take care of themselves and the child at the same time. If the teenager does not drop out of school, taking care of the child will take up all of her time forcing her to cut back on her homework and other activities. This means that she might never get into college at all, which could harm her chances for a good job in the future. Pregnancy for teenagers may also cause many health problems for both mothers and children.

The government should not be allowed to impose restrictions on women's reproductive rights. The state should not intervene in our personal lives. It can supervise our civil and criminal actions, but there should be a line to it. Yes, the state can interfere with personal laws, but if it imposes any liability over our personal lives, then it is not a democracy anymore. We are circling back to the barbarian ages where prima nocta may seem normal. The state should not say what we should wear, eat, the same way it should not say how we want to control our reproductive system.

It would affect the mental health of women. If abortion were illegal, unwanted pregnancies which could severely damage a woman's mental health or cause problems in her personal life would continue unnoticed - this lack of discovery could lead to serious consequences for the woman later on, such as suicide attempts or damaged relationships.

It would be unfair if abortion was illegal because it would force some women to carry pregnancies they don't want or can't afford, which could lead them to do things like drinking alcohol during pregnancy or smoking cigarettes (both of which are harmful. The baby would be born into a horrible life, which would psychologically scar the child.

Abortion can help women who are in difficult situations, like a woman whose health is at risk or a woman who was raped.

If abortion were illegal, women who are raped could be forced to bear their rapists' offspring. This is cruel and unjust. She may always get negative and scary thoughts after seeing the baby.

The physical toll of childbirth can be massive. Women who have severe health risk or already has a number of children can benefit from abortion. Set aside the financial issues, a woman who already has had children thrice or more before and is old now may even die giving birth.

Wrap Up:

This is a very sensitive and debatable issue. Both sides have some solid reasons in this matter. I am always open to hearing people’s opinions. If you disagree or agree, let me know. I wish to write more in this regard.

This blog is a part of my series named School of Conscious Confusion. Feel free to write in this series. If you want you can read Why Death Penalty Should Not be the Capital Punishment.


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What I'm gonna tell you may seem very religious and if you are not a believer, then probably absurd too.
Abortion can be legal once you believe you own your body. Part of Islamic believe is, we don't own our body so it's not our choice at all. There are certain cases when it could be legal like rape/health risk of mother ie.
Also, part of the believe is when the embryo become 42 days old it starts to form human shape and get soul (ruh). (I guess you know all of this.)
Now, if you say it's legal then what reasons you are giving seem logical as long as I'm not a believer. And there are hundreds of reason I can give to prove it should be illigal so as fornication.

But this platform is not for long argument. So I'm not going on that road.

Have a good day.


@rem-steem Bhai, I understand your point of view. I am a believer, religious also, but not that practicing Muslim. I just do not agree with Islam's this perspective, I know I should believe in Islam as a whole. But still.

Well, to be honest, at the beginning of my law school, I believed abortion should be ILLEGAL, but later as time passed, I changed my opinion in this regard.


I'm a mother of a four and a half years old boy. So maybe... I'm your 'boin'. Haha...

Well, there are many Islamic lectures and writings with specific logic about abortion and why it shouldn't be legal (online+offline). I would suggest you to take some time to study on this.

But I know the ground of your confusion. Please don't let yourself fall into the fullish words of this world. This universeis much more greater than what we think and what we try to redefine. Do study on Islam, try to see the consequences of acts, logic behind every rules of it and probably you will find the right path.

May Allah give you peace and happiness.