Wow a CL pack in DAILY FOCUS: opening packs everyday to get GF and legendary summoners

The revised DAILY FOCUS reward chests are becoming amazing as they contain more DEC and a higher chance of legendary cards or Chaos Legion packs than before with higher leagues. Today I got 1 CL pack from Daily Focus which is awesome!

The total rewards value is $2.974 and the average loot chest value is $0.37 which is a solid reward in the gold league!

CL pack opening every day

At last, I have crossed the 300 mark to buy CL packs from the official shop of Splinterlands. That means I am more than half way to grab the airdrop cards mark 575 CL packs. If the packs exists some couple of months, definitely I will get the mark before the 3rd legendary summoner is revealed!

Yesterday I have got 2 summoners from 2 packs opening which was almost same value return of my cost.

And today I have got a legendary from 6 packs opening of which one was free from the rewards. But the value back through card is not same as the packs and potions costs. I lose around 3/4 bucks this time. It is usual to loose often but sometimes you can get a lot more than the cost!

That's why I am going to open packs until it is gone from the official market. I believe in Splinterlands and it will never make me lost, and my current goal is for 2025, the next crypto bull run!

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and peakmonsters resources.