WOW my first ever GRANDMASTER RATHE from CL packs opening!

Hello dear, Splinterlands mate, hope you are doing great as the DEC has started pumping hardly and the price of the packs increasing and as result the price of the CL cards started to increase. And consequenly, the whole ecosystem is going to boom as the threshold value for the DEC is $0.001 but there is threshold for SPS value. Though SPS seems to decrease but that will not go down at all, may be some panic users started loosing hope from the GAME and started liquidating their pockets. But, The SPS will dominate the whole ecosystem in future. And luckily I have did some amazing deals with the Hive and DEC before th DEC pumps and bought the remaining 40 CL packs to ensure all the LEGENDARY SUMMONERS through the AIRDROP!

This week, I have invested around 450 dollars for my secondary account and bought 100 + 100 CL packs with bonus 20 packs just before the recent pumping of DEC and crash of Hive token! As I am always playing this account and learn to know how efficiently the Splinterlands game is for the new players in terms of earning. In this case I have bought around 220 packs from may own account to increase my airdrop points as my target is to get some legendary summoners. *And at this day I have bought 576 CL packs in total where 575 CL packs are needed to buty from the official store to ensure a copy of Legendary Summoner. And now I am opening these packs constantly.

Today I have got my first LEGENDARY AIRDROP SUMMONNER, the GRANDMASTER RATHE from by opening 10 packs with 5 each.

The most important fact is that I have used all the required potions for first 5 packs where I didn't got any summoner or any legendary!
But the later 5 packs have not a single potions but I have got one LEGENDARY SUMMONER and 2 other summoners which is really amazing. But for later opening I will use potions that will increased the GOLD FOILED ratio into 2X.

You can see the following stats for these 10 packs opening today!
I am happy to grab this summoner and I need one more to level it to the Silver league level!

With potions, 5 packs gives me only around 3.3 bucks in return!

Whereas, without potions, 5 packs gives me only around 28 bucks in return which is amazing! Now the average return per packs become more than $3.00 which is more than my buying price of around $2.4.
Hope to get some more amazing pulls in future!

I hope you like the pack opening post. I will catch you at the next one.
Have a nice day!

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.