Hivefest Broadcast and Threadcast

We are now under a week before Hivefest.

For those who are going, you will be departing soon. The actual conference kicks off Friday the 22nd and goes through the 23rd. Live attendance will extend it out as there are activities scheduled both before and after.

What about those who are not going to Hivefest?

Fortunately, there is technology and we will be doing something that, to my knowledge, has not been done before.

Like most things on Leo, we are going to focus upon engagement. This means pulling the community members together for a gathering in the digital realm.

So how are we going to do this?

It is rather simple.


Hivefest is the perfect opportunity to show off Leo and the threadcast feature that many of us have used.

For those who have not been part of it, this was used by many shows including the weekly AMA and CTT. People have also done them for EPL games.

When these shows get going, they usually last an hour or two. The threadcasts can reach 500 comments or more. I believe the record is around 1,500.

Hivefest is an all day activity. It starts around 9:30 and goes until roughly 5:30 in the evening. This means we will have a lot of time to spend in the threadcast.

It also means that we can aim for an insane record. Many thousands of comments is going to be the goal. A lot of us are unable to attend so joining together in a threadcast while the speakers are on air is a great way to interact.


Another thing is going to be a Spaces that will be running at the same time as Hivefest. Some asked if I would provide running commentary which is a nice concept yet is not feasible since we do not want to speak on top of the presenters.

That said, there is a gap in between each speaker where we can have some quick conversion. This will allow for comments to be expressed and perhaps some questions. I am thinking about opening up the Spaces early, before the speakers go live. It could be very beneficial on Saturday where we can review what was discussed the day before.

Another thing we will try to do is to get some of the speakers into the Spaces to take questions and get comments. There is the possibility that this is done in lieu of watching some of the presentations. It is something that I will tinker with.

Utilizing Technology

This is not a substitute for being there live. For those of us who are not able to participate in person, it is crucial to engage with others surrounding this event.

Threadcasts are a great tool. It is something to promote at Hivefest. We will have the official Hivefest Threadcast. It is something that we want to nail.

There is still 5 days until the event kicks off.

What are your thoughts? Drop them in the comment section below.

Let's make this very special for the people who are not going to be in attendance.

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