Rising Star Juan Up!


This new collaboration card was just too awesome to pass on. I’ve fallen deeply in love with Rising Star so adding more cards that build up my account and increase my earnings is a given.

A new and really great Hive tribe for gaming content is 1UP. You can post anything gaming related and be sure to reach a great community of gamers and gaming interested people.

Rising Star and 1UP teamed up and released this new collaboration card.

S30 Juan Up!

S30 Juan Up.png

Juan Up adds 100 fans and 200 skill, all while looking dope. I picked one up from the marketplace for 110 ONEUP tokens that I’ve earned from posting in the 1UP community.

You can meet Juan Up in this by @flauwy.

What a great way to give back something fun to authors and token holders from the 1UP community and what nice thing to spend a few ONEUP tokens on!

With Juan Up on my team, my road to becoming a STARBITS Millionaire will be easier!


If you haven’t yet, you can sign up here: Rising Star

Rock on!


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