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Lately I’ve been having an Ego problem. In my eagerness to accumulate fans to unlock higher tier missions, I’ve neglected doing music lessons. And the ego swells out of proportion. Having a large ego makes you earn less, so I need to remedy this quite fast.

The Remedy

Last few days I’ve been extra focused on doing music lessons to increase my skill. Mainly I’ve focused on doing guitar lessons and a few basic singing lessons. I’ve added 80 skill from lessons.

I do need to keep getting more fans, to unlock better missions, while keeping a better eye at my ego. Usually I don’t manage to access my phone too much to start new missions while working in the office, so getting access to missions with a long run time and a large payout allows me to maximize what I can earn with the game running from home while I’m at work.

I have my eyes at a few more expensive cards that bring in quite a bit of fans, but also has more skill than fans. I did get a little lucky as the R104 Macy that I’ve been eyeing (more skill than fans) dropped from 13000 to 6500 STARBITS for the cheapest listing. So I bought that quickly.

It’s a bit of a challenge as I’ve set myself the challenge of not using outside funds, only what I earn from playing and what I earn from less fantastic tokens that I sell off.

It feels like an exciting little thing to focus on!

If you haven’t yet, you can sign up here: Rising Star

Rock on!


This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.


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