1 month growth challenge

Hello everyone it's Mr.Crypto and today i will be doing a challenge to see how much i can earn in the month of april. I have been on hive for awhile and earned a bit. Now i want to test myself and see what posting more can do for me. I am usually not as motivated as i used to and that has cost a small bit of money. So i have to try and push myself to do more. I've been trying to be more active in the community voting and commenting. I hope to save all the hbd i earn to buy some silver at the end of this year so i put it in my savings so it can earn a little interest.

I'm also a gambler so putting hbd in the savings keeps me from touching it if i get the urge to gamble. Good thing they have a 3 day waiting period to get it out. I do gamble some every once in awhile but i try and keep the bets small. Here is a picture of what i earned in march.


Pretty good bit but it could be better. That's why i am trying to do more. Make sure to yell at me in the comments to give me a little more motivation. I am also going to set an alarm for the end of April to post what i've earned. On another note my YouTube channel has been doing good recently but i am still trying to get monetized. It is hard to get 4000 watch hours. If anyone wants to watch any videos my YouTube name is Rez night. Here is a recent video where me and my friend made a game you can play on Roblox called the youtubers chatroom.

Still needs some updates but it is fun when you play it. I also posted some call of duty and other entertaining videos on there. I recently hit 1000 subs last year which was a major achievement for me. This year i hope to get 2000 subscribers or more. Also thanks for reading today i think i'm going to do some homework and chill because it's a rainy day.

Have a wonderful day -Mr.Crypto