2000 subscribers on youtube


Now last year i hit 1000 subs and thought i would reach 2000 subs later on but i reached it faster then expected and i am gaining 200+ subscribers each month. I recently did a 2000 subscriber special on my channel where i am donating 10000 robux to a user on roblox.

The user hasn't responded back yet so i'm waiting to donate the 10000 robux. I am posting more content on YouTube recently and i am trying to get monetized but the watch hours have been really tough to get. I am trying to post more when i can and be more consistent so I'll see what i can do. I might do some livestreams but my settings are kind of trash. Also i need to post more on hive as i have been really busy with doing my work.

I might start saving to pay an editor for my yt videos soon but idk. For those who know my in the silver community i have been trying to collect more silver as well and am powering down and buying silver. I gotta post more about that later. I haven't been as motivated to post as i used to while becoming an adult. Turning 21 really changed a lot of things in my life but hopefully they changed for the better. I am looking for a new job right now as the old one was too much work for very little pay. Trying to explore my options and start something new i am finding ways to earn more and helping my neighbors and friends. I will update you more about me in the future when i feel like posting lol.

Have a good day, Mr.Crypto