Covid grant for any college students in the U.S.

Hello everyone I'm writing you today to let you know about the covid 19 grant. So a few weeks ago i found out about the grant. And so i applied and keep in mind i don't have financial aid so basically anyone can get it. I waited a few weeks and got it so now several of my semesters are paid for. There are some requirements however for example you would have to have gone to other college classes last year during covid 19. Fill out some papers and do a few other things that are simple. The grant gives you 1500 dollars to spend for school.


I just wanted to let you guys and girls know so you can tell family and friends to ask about it. On the government website they also have more information about the topic. Let me know if this helped you at all. I don't want to make this a short post so i'll add in some other things. Thanks for all the support recently and i have something exciting to show yall soon once i do it. I've been trying to make my post longer and more engaging to the human eye. I've also purchased some Hlshares recently from kyle so i'll get some of those payouts. I have been researching new tokens and looking into as many things as i can when i have time. I'm glad this grant saved us some money. I'm still wondering if they will forgive any student loans or not?

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Thanks for stopping by and reading and i hope this helps save you money.

Yours truly, Mr.Crypto