Scale Of Preference: The Financial Daily Hurdle Of Humans.


The first time I heard the term "Scale of Preference" was in my high school economics class. It was one of those big terms I had just learnt but couldn't relate to quickly until I began earning and spending my own money. At that age, I had a sweet tooth and really really had no scale of preference since all I ever need and want was anything that satisfies my cravings. I wasn't concerned about shelter, clothing or bills. These were covered by my creators, and until I started working to earn money before I realised scale of preference was indeed a daily hurdle in the lives of humans.


As an adult, everyday, my mind is constantly busy calculating what things to get, what things not to get , how to balance out life and arrange my needs or wants according to how important. The decision or choice to get or not something is are probably the most strategic decisions I have to make everyday as these choices definitely have an effect on our lives.

So far, I've understood that the ability of an individual to balance their scale of preference isn't something everyone is capable to handle so well and this is the reason why many people suffer from financial decisions they made. Just some days ago, I close friend was talking about how she was about about to go settle her cravings and wants with the last money she had. Well, we joked about it and I told her she probably deserved a threat, but then, the reality is she would most likely regret her decision for putting her cravings over her primary needs as she literally had no other money for primary needs after settling those cravings.

I do admire people who can successfully balance out their scale of preference. I personally think it's a talent but people could learn to perfect it as they journey through life. Balancing out the scale of preference is a daily hurdle and struggle, but so far, I think its one of those things I enjoy as it keeps my mind busy, and improves my critical thinking and analysis skills.