The first workday of the week is one I dread lately. I know that it is just some hours away and you close your eyes and open them, the D-day is here already. But I’d like to beseech Monday to just have some mercy on me and just extend its arrival by maybe half a day or so. Do the maths! How? I don’t want to know but I know I will graciously appreciate it if it happens.

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For some days now, I have been absent from this space and I must confess, I miss Hive dearly. On checking my profile this morning, I saw that I was last active 7 days ago. Well, I was only a little surprised because I never knew it was that long already, no wonder I could feel the nostalgia in my system. My absence was caused by me. Yes, me!

Although, work has been quite demanding lately. You know, as someone who is learning a vocational skill under a boss and in my society when this happens a lot of things are attached to it. My boss is not really like the conventional ones who could use the students under them anyhow. No, he doesn’t. In fact, we vibe a lot. But something like your time not really being yours for that period was a sacrifice that everyone basically pays in this case. Well, as humans we are wired to be able to adapt in the long run and so am I.

My absence is both in terms of writing posts and engagements but I seldom read posts too. Not much, but I still do. But that little energy for engagements was not in me. At times, I fight it but it still overcomes. But not know, at least I was able to sit and write this post.

Nevertheless, I am still on my knees pleading to Monday to keep off for a while. I do not think I have rested enough to resume work let alone handle what this whole week has in stock for me. I know it is never going to be more than energy-sapping tasks up and down. For me, I always feel I never had enough true sleep every time. At times, I wonder how you just close your eyes to have some sleep, and then in a twinkle of an eye (in your dreams), the cock crows. (Yes, I live in an area where virtually every rears poultry. At times, I wish I could just handle them all at once into my belly. But unfortunately, my family has some sets too.)

However, I think the concept of rest has never been one that comes in full and handy. I feel it is just that we have to make the most use of the time we apportion to rest and rest well – all within that same time. We should make sure all distractions are discarded or excused – be it our phones, gadgets, or humans.

All in all, Monday has not gotten back to me on my plea. I think I may just have to deal with it as my forefathers have always been doing it. Or till I hear from Monday, yours sincerely!


Do you think Monday will listen to your cries?
Do you think Monday is merciful?
Do you think you can convince Monday to go against its wishes?
Certainly not!

Monday is heartless!

Monday is so proud that it seeks relevance at all times.
Monday doesn't care about what people thinks, neither does it care about people's agony.

No! It feeds on the tears of people, it makes its feast out of the agony of people and it celebrates when others are in pain.

I keep on wondering what we can do to appease Monday! I still dont know!


Sometimes life keeps turningoninown such that it takes us to the level ground which we don't know: e dey carry me go where I no know.

But, we shouldn't give up... with time bro... you'll become a boss on your own, and you'll have your freedom, your time and your enterprise.

Great piece bro



Oh no! I thought your first series of questions were rhetorical. No, why would you answer them?😭 Now, Monday may not just bulge anymore. Or maybe Monday is actually heartless.🤔 is not the time to give up, I (we) have come too far for that to happen. Comrade, you just charged me up! Thank you for the ginger.🙌


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