How far have you gone in achieving that New Year Resolution financial Goals??

It seems to become a norms that at the begining of every year, majority of us have new year resolutions goals which include what we have planned out in achieving before the year runs out

New year resolutions can run in the space of quarterly that is you reviewing your goals whether it has been achieved every four months. To a point though, new year resolutions seems to help as it helps some people to be more focused in what they want to achieve in that particular year and overall help them to have a great year


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And also sometimes new year resolutions seems to be a scam as some people does not even follow it for a month before quitting

There are at times whereby I set new year resolutions and it works and there are some years it seems it does not work. In part of our new year resolutions, I believe we alway set also the new year resolutions that involves what to achieve financially.

We are now in the 8 month and to even give us a more shocker, the 8th month is just about to end. Yea few days. How far have you gone with that new year resolutions financial goals??

Have they been achieved or not. What are the reasons that caused the goals not to be achieved. I believe with the four months still left for the year, one can still use it to achieve some new year resolutions financial goals you have given up on or perhaps some limitations has played against.

Let me hear about yours

How far have you gone in achieving that New Year Resolution financial Goals??

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