I will prefer Investing in Gold than Silver


Both gold and silver are of the major assets in the precious metals market that every trader consider. In fact at times it tend to cause confusion among traders which one to actually invest in sometimes whether they should go for gold or they should go for silver investing

One thing about investment is that you should not just let it follow based on your emotions, you should invest because you have made thorough research about it and you have view it as the best investment choice to make based on the research you have made and based on calculated risk

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The truth of the matter is both gold and silver are still good option for you to consider to invest in irrespective of the choice you made. As of writing, silver is trading at $19.70 which also provide a buying opportunity though not that much when you consider there was a point in the last few months that silver hit $18 or even below. But why I said it is still a good buying opportunity available and still a good investment opportunity is that we still have potential to see silver hit $21 so it can still make some good profit

But right now with the market value, I will prefer gold as it have more reliable buying opportunity that can really yield profit and at the same time reduce the risk of losing.

As of writing, the current price of gold is $1675 which is relatively low when you compare the price of gold in the last few months of hitting $1800 or even more. Seeing it trading at the current price, it gives more buying opportunity that can help one to yield more result.

Though it still point down to your preference but as of now, I will prefer gold as an investment choice than gold

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