Keep Stacking - Gold, Silver, Leo and Hive,

This season has seems not to be a bit palatable for most crypto holder most especially when you view it from the angle of the frequent bleeding that happen in the crypto market for the past few months.

Does it means we might no likely see BTC at $50k before the year ends? Well who knows but the probability is quite low and let see how it plays out at times the market is full with surprises

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You are wondering most of your coin are bleeding right? Yea it happens that way at times and be careful not everything that comes down goes up. Luna coin just prove that so be more careful when investing in a coin

Over the past few months or weeks rather depending on how current you have been watching the Crypto space, you will agree with me that both gold and silver experience a dip right. Gold was trading around the region of $1600 or even close to in the last few months and also silve trading same but I strongly believe there will be a recovering soon

Well out of my favourite coin, not only gold and silver but there was also a dip in hive and Leo token price. But I bring you good news, the future is bright and so I have a golden advice for you.

Keep stacking as much as you can. Bear run will not last forever. We await a massive bull run that has never been see in the crypto space

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