Why do Ladies Experience Menstral Pain/Cramps


With so much diversity in what we consumed recently in our generation. There has been a particular topic that I will like to share with you Guys this morning.

In my last post, I talked about why and what causes cancer and I really appreciate people who dropped valuable contributions regarding the topics.

Today I will be talking about why do ladies experience menstral Pain. Well I Believe it is a topic that is not new in this our civilised age most especially women.

If you have a woman in your family, you got to feel for them during their menstral period. The so much pain they always passed through. It is worth comparing it to labour.

But I was wondering why do they need to pass through that much pain in order to have their menstral period every months and so much questions keep hovering in my mind that does it mean it is every month they experience this menstral Pain and what do they always do during this period?

Before diving in, I will even first love to ask, does it mean all women experience menstral Pain every month. You know I have a sister in my family. Whenever she is experiencing her menstral Pain, I always feel for her strongly because of the so much pain and this can always be written all through her eyes, all through her mood, all through her expression and I was like use to remember asking her.


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Is this all you go through been a woman? Is this all you go through during your menstral period. Oh my God! We really need to value and cherish women that the way we always do now.

Alright enough of talking, let's dive into the topic for the day

Why do Women experience Menstral Pain?

Well even before diving in, it is best to know what is menstral Pain and what actually causes menstral Pain

In some medical language, they call it menstral cramp. Still meaning the same thing.

What is Menstral Pain?

According to WebMD. Com, it gives us a perfect and simple definition of what menstral Pain is. Menstral Pain is the pain that you feel in your lower abdomen that you always feel when your menstral period occcurs

That is , it is always attached to menstral period, you can't feel the pain outside menstral period, it most of the time happens during the menstral period.

What causes Menstral Pain

According to some research and to best I know, there are some of the causes that trigger menstral Pain. Though all ladies experience menstral Pain but It always varies from one lady to another I assured.

(1). Endometriosis

Few days ago, I was reading a post about someone addressing the issue of Endometriosis. Endometriosis is one of the most and common causes of menstral Pain.

Endometriosis according to everyday health said

"Endometriosis is a gynecological condition in which endometrium-like tissue is found outside the uterus on other structures throughout the pelvis."

The like tissue that is found in some part of the body of women like the pelvis, the bladder, the ovaries contribute to the major reason why Endometriosis is one of the major causes of menstral Pain.


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The question that might be rising up among women is ,does it mean every lady suffer from this Endometriosis, well to the best it is a common cause of menstral cramp doesn't mean all ladies suffer from it.

Been a gynecological condition, it means it's partaking to the study of the medical problems in women. So obviously this gives rise to one of the major reason why it is a common cause of menstral cramp.

In fact so many ladies experiencing menstral cramp does not know the full cause of the pain and many of them are ignorant that some of the cause are traced to Endometriosis

(2). High Level of Sugary level in Women

This is surprisingly picked but it is not surprised. High level of sugar content in bodies is most of the time traced that the negative effect is rampant in men.

Well to an extent it can be said to be true as high level of sugar can cause low sperm count and many more but come to think of it, it is not only limited to men as women can also be a victim also.


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And this is traced to the cause of menstral cramp. Menstral cramp can be intensified more if the woman can not control the rate of Sugary stuff she consumed. This is also linked to the most carbonated drinks and beverages consumed recently.

Several times ,I have discussed with ladies who love taking carbonated drink surrounding me of the side effects it can cause to you as women most especially the aspect of triggering larger pain during your menstral period but I think most of them are ignorant of that and always believed it is limited to only men.

Some will say, well I don't use to consume carbonated drink but the true of the matter sugary stuff can or is not only limited to Carbonated drink only. Even with taking chocolate and high level of starch food can also increase the sugary level which at the end of the day might not be good for ones health

This has been one of the ignorant but also common causes of menstral pain women experience. Too much of consuming sugary drinks and foods can serve as a major catalyst in producing several menstral pain

The question that I will love for it to be answered is as a woman, is menstral pain avoidable??

I have interacted with a lot of women and during their menstral cramps, some actually use to feel severe pain while others the pain is always minimal and I used to wonder is there some sort of women who does not use to feel the pain at all during their menstral period.

I will love to hear about some of the cause of menstral pain you also know about in the comment section.