A New HORIZEN for Blockchain Gaming

Although it's been around since 2017, Horizen is starting to carve out its territory in the still-fledgling blockchain side of the gaming universe. Or should I say "metaverse"?

I feel like it's just becoming a meaningless buzz word at this point, but the interoperability and flexibility of a chain network like Horizen really does seem to fit the bill... and it is definitely headed in the right direction: gaming.

Blockchain Gaming Metaverse Horizen.png

If there is one thing that will woo the masses into adopting #blockchain technology, it's going to be games well before any of the financial or privacy benefits (unfortunately).

And Horizen's Got Game.

They're working on it, anyway... and I think at least one of their recent partnerships will pay dividends down the road. Grain of salt though: this is not financial advice.

No need to play with fire though! There are a few ways to get some free ZEN... then you can do your own research as you get a little stack going. Easy peasy.

If you want to get settled and earning before doing any research whatsoever-- it's free anyway-- just click HERE and HERE... okay, now you can keep reading. (I like your style.)

You can start with the various WHITEPAPERS on the actual Horizen website, and then comb through their blog for things that may interest you. You can also check out the usual token page on COINMARKETCAP which includes lots of data points... but there are a few things about #Horizen that make it stand out to me.

A Network for Developers.

Horizen is a secure, interoperable network of blockchains powered by one of the largest node systems in the world. As it is described on the website, they offer "best-in-class tools for developers to custom-build private or public blockchains with [a] level of flexibility unmatched by others."

Blockchain Games on Horizen.jpg

This is an important detail in my eyes... providing tools that make development easier to learn and execute may be what makes the difference for Horizen, especially in the gaming space. "By building on Horizen, developers have the freedom to fully customize their blockchains," they continue in the site description, "including consensus type, speed, privacy, and crypto-economies."

If they have the nodes to scale fast and they provide the ideal development tools... Horizen is going to be something to watch out for in the next year or two. (There is a 21 million token cap on ZEN too, the same as Bitcoin, which should help value over time.)

And as I was saying, one of their partnerships in particular looks quite good: Gamestation. It's a crowdfunding and launchpad platform for gaming developers, and it looks like it's been busy.

Although Horizen has other deals in the works as well, Gamestation feels the most polished and promising. But this is just me talking... check out THIS ARTICLE about it and head over to the GAMESTATION WEBSITE to learn more.

I have more important things to talk about...

Games? Nah! I Want Faucets.

No, wait... don't leave! I'm being quite serious.

I've been collecting my free ZEN tokens for a little over a year now, to be honest. It's not a ton of dough yet, but you know how these slow-and-grow things work by now.

Crypto Faucets for Slow Growth.png

Whether you love them or hate them, #faucets really shine when it comes to unknown and emerging tokens. The original BTC faucets were dispensing WHOLE BITCOINS at first... so it's safe to say that these early speculative stages can prove to be HUGELY profitable in the long term.

Just Set It and Forget It!

I didn't think too much about it at the time... I just set it all up, and now I spend a few moments every day gathering up a few more ZEN peanuts for the pile.

And you should too! There are two ways I get my free ZEN:

1. The OFFICIAL FAUCET that links to your ZEN wallet. There are bonus levels you can reach by buying a bit to hold at first. I recommend it-- the tokens can be bought and traded almost anywhere-- but it's not at all necessary.

2. The only faucet site I know that pays out in ZEN tokens is called FAUCET CRYPTO. They have other withdrawal options too, but I always go for ZEN. If the pool is ever empty, just wait and it will get filled. You can collect coins every 20 minutes, which can then be cashed out as ZEN... I do it a few times every day, as well as doing a few PTC ads. That's all though, and I'm usually able to cash out every few days. Beautiful.

I do both of those things everyday, and then I just load the desktop wallet once in a while and refresh the transactions. It really is one of the easiest things I do. No sweat.

I don't mess around with all kinds of faucets usually either, but this is one of the few exceptions (I'll do a future post outlining the select few faucets I do frequent and why). These two Horizen faucets tick the boxes I need to be a regular visitor: they're both quick and easy, and the token is still speculative.

That means I'm not wasting much time to potentially make A LOT of money.

And if you do decide to take advantage of the holding bonus, you'll be getting a better deal than me. I bought one ZEN token for around $100, I think, near the top of the last cycle... and it's worth half of that now! Totally your call.

There are a few other ways to boost your daily faucet earnings too... check out the screenshot of my own rewards section below, or just GET OVER THERE yourself and dive in.

Horizen Wallet Screenshot- Hive Post.png

Just for full disclosure: some of these links will give me a referral reward if you decide to participate... but it costs you nothing, and I won't ever point you in a stupid direction just to make money. If I give a link, it's something I either do myself or see as a quality opportunity.

Horizen is something I think has a good chance at being something big. It's tough to call these things though... nobody has a crystal ball, and not all predictions will be right.

But Gaming is a Good Start.

As I said at the outset of this article: if you want people to adopt something, you need to give them what they want. Blockchain tech is revolutionary in many aspects, but the gaming industry is where you're going to get the most attention... the most consumer demand.

So does that mean Horizen is a sure thing? No. But it certainly doesn't hurt when you're weighing variables to make a sound #investment decision-- or even if you're just deciding what's worth your time.

That's my two cents (or Zennies, respectively).

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments... had you already heard of Horizen? Do you know of any other ZEN faucets I'm missing? I hope everyone's month is off to a great start. Peace out for now! ✌️