Magicians are amazing monsters!

In this blog I will talk about the water quest for today, I just completed this quest and won five consecutive battles using the water team and did not lose any battles, I used amazing monsters in my battles where I hired some monsters before I started battles and in this blog I will talk about monsters I rented it and I will talk about each of the 5 battles.


What monsters did I hire?

The first monster I hired is "VENARI WAVESMITH" I think it's one of the best witches who only need 5 mana caps in the water team, it's a super witch and I always like to use it in water quests because it has a very special ability that gives two shields to all monsters in the team and this gives the team a greater chance of survival, I advise you to always use it in your battles.

Venari Wavesmith.png

The second monster that I hired is "LOBSTRADAMUS" it is an amazing wizard and I often put him in the first place in my battles because it has a very big heart and he is 9 and this is a big advantage for it and it is a monster suitable for big and small battles because it only needs 6 mana caps and This is not a big number, and despite this, it has an ability that I love a lot, which is "shield", this ability splits the attackers and defenders strike in half when they hit this monster.


The third monster that I hired is this great striker "TORHILO THE FROZEN", it's a very strong attacker because it has a big hit and it's 4 and it's also a striker with a big heart and it's 8 and shield 4, all of these features make it an ideal striker but the most important for me It is the super ability that he has and is "void" and this ability is amazing against magicians because this ability splits each magician's strike in half when they hit this monster so when I expect that my opponent will rely on magicians use this monster with a summoner I love it so much I'll explain about it later.

Torhilo the Frozen.png

The last monster that I hired is this wonderful defender "AXEMASTER", this defender was used a lot, especially in big battles, because he needs 7 mana caps, and this is a big number for a defender, this defender is very fast and has a strong hit of 2, and in addition, it has A good ability is "Double strike " and this ability makes it hit twice!


Although these monsters are very great and very useful when I have a water quest, their rent is low and you don't need to pay much to rent these amazing monsters.
Definitely no better than this supernatural summoner for use in the water team with the magician "Alric Stormbringer", because this summoner offers an extra blow force to all the witches in the team.

Alric Stormbringer.png

The five battles I won

The first battle

In this battle used a full team of witches where he put in my teams this caller "Alric Stormbringer" with 6 wonderful magic as shown in the picture, and the opponent team was very weak compared to my team because he tried to rely on the shield and by using this summoner "Tyrus Paladium" This summoner offers a shield for all monsters in the team but this was never suitable for my wonderful team and this is a battle link:

Screenshot (46).png

The second battle

In the second battle I expected by recording of my opponent battles that he will use the witches against me so I did not find best than this summoner against my opponent "BORTUS" Because this caller has a great ability and is lose from blow all the magicians in the opponent team and this seems amazing especially with this wonderful monster "Torhilo The Frozen", Thie monster is very useful against the witches because of the ability he owns as I explained at the top and this is the link of the battle:

Screenshot (51).png

The third battle

In the third battle i also used a team of witches with the same summoner that i used in the first battle, this looks perfect because the opponent tried to rely on the life team against me but I can admit that I made a big mistake in this battle, which was to put this "VENARI WAVESMITH" monster last and that was a very big mistake because when this monster died, all the shields were removed from all the monsters in my team.
The opponent managed to kill the last two witches of my team because of my mistake, so I advise you not to put this monster "VENARI WAVESMITH" in the last place ever and always think calmly and put your monsters in the right place and this is the link of the battle if you want to watch it:
Screenshot (52).png

the fourth battle

In the fourth battle I used the same summoner and the same monsters, but this battle is a little different because my opponent was using a monster that has a wonderful ability, which is "void" and this ability, as I explained earlier, splits each magician's strike in half and this ability is good in front of magicians and with So I managed to win against the opponent, and here is the link to the battle:

Screenshot (53).png

the fifth battle

In the fifth and final battle, my opponent used the same summoner, but fortunately he only used one witche in his team, but I used 3 witches in my team, and this was much better than his team, especially with the monster that has a big heart, which I put in The beginning and this is the battle link:

Screenshot (54).png

These are all the battles in the Quest and with this I managed to win five battles in a row, I think that the four great monsters that I hired before the Quest had a great role in these successive victories.


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I hope this is useful and exciting for some, and thank you for your time in reading.