heavy attack


Of course, it is good to have strong monsters in your team, but this is only in the big battles that need a large number of mana caps because most of the good monsters that have a strong hit need more than 5 or 6 mana caps and this is too big for a battle that only requires 20 mana cap.
I faced a little difficult opponent, but I relied on a large number of monsters in the team and this is what made me beat him, although his plan was good.

Are you ready to know what my plan is....then let's get started

I relied on a summoner from the dragon team, "DRAKE OF ARNAK", a summoner with an ability that I really like because it gives 1 shield to all monsters in the team, which is great for monsters with a very weak heart.
I use the fire team a lot of times but I always have a very big problem which is that most of the monsters that I usually use in the fire team have a very weak heart so it's great to use a summoner that gives them a great extra protection like this summoner that gives shields to all these monsters.

When the battle requires 20 mana caps, I usually use one very powerful monster in the beginning and he is the main attacker for me and often when I use the fire team this attacker is “LIVING LAVA”, I like this attacker a lot because he has many great features.
This attacker has a great ability "shield" and this ability reduces the hit of all monsters that hit on this monster except magicians, so I think it's very easy to kill this monster if the opponent depends on a lot of magicians in his team but I think it's It is difficult to kill this monster in the rest of the cases because of the amazing ability that he has, and in addition to that, he has a big heart, which is 6 and shield 2, and all of this makes it very difficult to kill him, this attacker also has a very strong hit, which is 3, but he is a slow attacker because Its speed is only 1.
This attacker requires 7 mana caps, so it is difficult to use it in battles that require less than 15 mana caps.

Living Lava.png

Always when there is an empty space in your team you should use this monster "FURIOUS CHICKEN", what a great chicken, I always use it when I have a place in my team and always put it before the monster I want to protect and here in this battle I want to protect this monster" SERPENTINE SPY" So I put it before this monster, even though it doesn't hit and it has a very weak heart of 1 but it doesn't cost any mana cap and that's the cool thing about it and with this summoner's ability it has an extra shield so she didn't die from the first hit.

Furious Chicken.png

The third monster I used was "CREEPING OOZE" It's an excellent monster for those who want to rely on speed in their plan, this monster slows down all the opponent's monsters and that gives me more speed to hit first, I also put it here in this position before the monster I want to protect which is "SERPENTINE SPY", I always put these weak-hearted monsters that don't strike before weak-hearted monsters that strike, so that the monsters I put in the beginning take the hits first.

Creeping Ooze.png

In fourth place I placed the monster that I want to protect well, which is "SERPENTINE SPY", and I like this monster very much because it is a fast monster and has an amazing ability, which is "opportunity". Using this great feature, this monster hits the least hearted monsters, and using This feature often this monster kills one of the opponent's monsters from the first hit and that's exactly what I want and here in this battle this monster killed two monsters and this is what gave me the win, and I always try to put "FURIOUS CHICKEN" before this The beast to protect it as I mentioned above.
This monster has a great hit of 2, and an excellent speed of 3, but it has a very weak heart of 1, and with the summoner's ability, it has an extra shield and this gives it much more protection.

Serpentine Spy.png

In the fifth place I placed an attacker who hits from behind, which is "ELVEN CUTTHROAT" This attacker hits the last monsters of the opponent and this ability is called "sneak" and I always relied on this amazing feature in many matches, especially when I use the life team, this monster has A very weak heart is 1 and will definitely have an extra shield due to the summoner's ability and it also has a good hit of 1, but it has a speed of 3 which is a great speed, and the cool thing about it is that it only requires 3 mana caps and it is also a natural monster So you can use it in all battles.

Elven Cutthroat.png

In the last position I also placed this back attacker "KOBOLD MINER", This attacker has the same ability as the attacker before it, which is "sneak" and these two attackers hit the opponent's monsters from behind and gives me a greater chance to kill one of the opponent's back monsters, this monster requires Only 2 mana cap and also has a heart 2, which is a good heart, speed 2 and hit 1, also thanks to the ability of the great summoner, it has a shield.

Kobold Miner.png

I always try before arranging the monster and choosing it to watch my opponent's record in the last five battles and predict what plan my opponent can play with and on this basis I choose my team, and here in this battle I thought it good to use the fire team, but as I said earlier that Most of the monsters he used in this team have a very weak heart and this is what made me choose this summoner.
I hope you like this way of writing, I love you all my friends


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