Earth mission and the best monsters for it

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***This time I managed to complete the task in 8 attempts, and this percentage is considered large and bad, but I faced some problems in some battles and I got to know a lot of cheap monsters that can be relied upon in battles.

Funny thing happened to me

After I finished the mission and went to open the daily prize, I thought it would be two chests and not one because I was in the silver league but it looks like one of the monsters' rent has expired, so I dropped the power and went back to the Bronze League and didn't know I was in the Bronze League, this pissed me off a bit .
Of course, now I will hire a good monster to get about 2500 power and go up to the Silver League


  • The first battle was very easy as I played with a great team and perfectly suited the opponent, I used this summoner "LYANNA NATURA" it gives extra blood to all the monsters in the team and this is really cool but one of the monsters that impressed me the most is "HALFLING ALCHEMIST" It's a normal monster and we can Using it with all teams and taking something special in it and has a feature that I like a lot, which is "halving", When this monster hits the opponent's attacker, this feature reduces the monster's strike power, This is the battle link and you can watch it:

  • The second battle was also very easy because I used a Summoner with the ability of thorns, which is "MYLOR CROWLING" and I love this summoner very much and rely on it a lot when playing with the Earth team, in addition to these two monsters "UNICORN MUSTANG" and "WOOD NYMPH" who always I use them too and all of these things made things look very simple in this battle and this is the link of the battle:

  • The third battle I beat my opponent in it only because I used the Summoner “MYLOR CROWLING”, what a wonderful summoner because he cut the opponent’s attacker’s heart through the thorns 3 times, every time he loses two hearts and this is what made me win and this is the link of the battle:

  • In the fourth battle, I think I chose a very bad plan, so I lost. In addition, my opponent was dependent on the thorn summoner and was dependent on the shields as well. This caused me some problems in the battle and made me lose. Here is the link of the battle to see my mistakes in choosing the plan:

  • In the fifth battle, its rules were a little different and it is without attackers and the best team to do this is the water team, this is of course my opinion, but here I chose the land team to complete the task and that was the reason for my defeat because I do not have a good striker and the opponent relied on good magicians and with A great summoner is "ALRIC STORMBRINGER" and I really like this summoner and use it all the time, here is the battle link:

  • The sixth battle was a very exciting battle because my opponent used the life team with this summoner "TYRUS PALADIUM" and it gives an extra shield to all the monsters in the team and I used this summoner "LYANNA NATURA" which gives an extra heart to all monsters and this was good but if I used this Summoner "MYLOR CROWLING" Summoner of thorns things would have been much easier because my opponent relied on a lot of attackers in this battle, this is the battle link:

  • In the seventh battle I made a big mistake by not using the chicken, if I had used the chicken the witch "WOOD NYMP" would have survived for the second round and would have given an extra heart to the first attacker and for sure the opponent striker would have died in the next rounds, I think that was my mistake and here is the battle link:

  • The last battle was very perfect because I used the thistle summoner again and put the chicken at the end and it damaged the opponent's back attacker when he hit her, I think the battle was easy because of the summoner I used and this is the battle link:

I hope you liked this blog and that it will be useful for some novice players, I will continue to post daily missions and explain the details of all battles and abilities, give me your opinion on the replies.

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