The dragon is invincible!


Playing with a dragon team is really fun because you can choose monsters from all the team you want in addition to the dragon team monsters that you own, which is great and offers you a lot of monsters to choose, the summoner I chose for this challenge, I chose it to suit the team I want to play in.
The battle required 46 mana caps so it's a big battle and I can use many good monsters with big hearts and that's what happened but there were two monsters I used had very weak hearts so I decided to use a summoner who would give them armor as a summoner Dragon Team "DRAKE OF ARNAK" In the rest of the blog you will discover that this summoner is amazing.

Drake of Arnak.png

The battle was almost easy because of the special monsters I used in my team and the way they were distributed in the team and These monsters are:

The first monster I used was "LIVING LAVA" This monster is amazing when you use the fire team and I always use it as a first attacker in big battles, it has a very special ability which is "shield" This ability reduces the damage of any monster that hits this attacker and it is an ability It is very special and makes it last much longer.
This monster has a big heart and it is 6 and also has a shield of 2 and this gives it more protection, in addition to all that it has a very strong hit and it is 3 but the only bad thing about it is that it is a slow attacker and its speed is only 1.

Living Lava (1).png

The second monster I used is a monster that I like very much "LAVA LAUNCHER" is both attacker and defender because of the ability it has which is "close range" This ability allows this defender to hit when he becomes the first attacker, I put this monster in second place because it is a very powerful beast and it has a heart of 5 and a shield of 6 that makes it very hard to die and it also has a very strong hit which is 3 and it is a fast monster and his speed is 3 too, all these qualities make it a great monster that can always be used in battles, but the only bad thing about it is He needs 9 mana caps so it can only be used in big battles.

Lava Launcher (2).png

The third attacker I used is a back attacker, I don't always use it but only use it in big battles because it's a strong attacker, this attacker is "SAND WORM" It requires 9 mana caps so it is very difficult to use it in battles that need less than 20 mana caps, This monster has the ability to "sneak" This feature makes this attacker hit monsters from behind and because of its very strong hit which is 5 he can kill a monster with every hit, it has a heart of 5 also but he is a very slow attacker and its speed is only 1.


In the fourth place I used a good monster, but it has a very weak heart, which is "SPARK PIXIES" This monster I love it very much, but there is a very big problem with it, which is that its heart is very weak and it can die from the first hit and this always makes me hesitant to use it so I searched for a solution For this problem, the best solution was to use this summoner "DRAKE OF ARNAK" because because of its great feature, it grants a shield to this monster, so the monster becomes Heart 1 and Armor 1 and this is much better, it also has a powerful hit of 2 in addition to that more What I like about it is its amazing 5 speed, it's very fast.
This monster also has an amazing ability which is "flying" and this ability allows this monster to escape from some strikes just as it happened in this battle.
Spark Pixies.png
In the fifth place I used this monster "FIRE ELEMENTAL" and it is also one of the reasons why I used this summoner because it also has a weak heart which is 2 and with the ability of the summoner it has a shield of 1 and this gives it more protection, it is a very fast defender and its speed is 4 and it has a powerful hit, which is 2, in addition to that, it has a very special ability, which is "Blast", and because of this ability, this monster hits two monsters together, "Hits the first monster with a blow 2 and the next monster hits with 1" This monster is really amazing.

Fire Elemental.png

In the last place I used this monster "PRISMATIC ENERGY", this monster has an ability I love and use it always, but when I play with the water team and it is the opposite of magic "Magic reflact" This monster does the opposite of magic on all the magic that hits it, but this feature was useless In this fight, it has a very big heart and it's 9 and that's what made me put it in the end to be very strong in front of the back attackers, it has magic hit and it's 1 and he's a fast monster and his speed is 3.

Prismatic Energy.png

Battle Analysis

In my opinion, the battle was very regular and it went very easily and completely destroyed my opponent. I think that the summoner I used had a very big role in my winning this battle and of course I always want to use it.
If you want to watch the fight, just click on the arrow below:




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