With the shield and the thorns, everything will be better



As I mention in all my blogs, the first thing I do before a fight begins is to look at my opponent's battle history to try to predict which team will play and pick my monsters based on that and also look at the rules of the battle and how much mana cap it takes.
For example, here in this battle, it required 22 mana caps, and this is a medium number and not small, but we cannot rely on it on large monsters that need a large number of mana caps, such as 8, 9 or 10, these monsters we use only in big battles.
This battle rule was taking sides and this rule means that we can't use normal monsters in battle so I only used monsters from the Earth team.

This is a picture of the battle before it started, I faced a very difficult opponent because he has high levels of monsters, as for me the levels of all my monsters are only 1, but because of the smart plan I used, I was able to beat him easily.

Screenshot (67).png

In this battle, I tried to rely on two main things, namely the summoner because of the wonderful ability that he possesses, which are thorns, and the second important thing is that I relied on the rear attackers and was able to kill all his monsters from behind.

My opponent put in the back a weak magician so I was able to kill him easily by the attackers who have this ability "sneak" But I used this monster "EARTH ELEMENTAL" because he has a good heart and because of the ability of the thorns I was able to kill the opponent's back attacker after two rounds.
After the end of the first round, he managed to inflict great damage on the opponent from behind, as I was very close to killing his last attacker, who is the magician, and also his attacker who possesses this destiny “sneak” His heart decreased by 2 after hitting my last monster because of the ability of thorns.

Screenshot (72).png

After the end of the second round and entering the third round, I had killed two of the opponent's monsters, which are the last two monsters in his team because of this magician "GOBLIN SORCERER" and this wonderful monster "GOBLIN THIEF" and because they have the ability to "sneak" and also the ability of thorns helped me a lot in Kill another opponent's monster.

Screenshot (68).png

The main attacker only remained for the opponent after the end of the third round after killing the "WOOD NYMPH" witch, so things became much easier because all my monsters would hit one attacker, the main opponent's attacker, especially after killing the witch who was giving her an extra Heart each round.

In the fourth round the only opponent attacker got a lot of hits from all the monsters and also from the thorns which hit 2 as well which is amazing because I have a great striker with "shield" ability and I use this witch "WOOD NYMPH" which gives an extra heart to the attacker In every round it makes it impossible for my attacker to die and I lose so for sure I am the winner here.

Screenshot (74).png

In the end, I think that my team was very perfect against this strong opponent, and that made me beat him very easily, as I explained. One of the most important elements in the team is this wonderful “STONE GOLEM” striker, and also this “WOOD NYMPH” witch who gives the heart to the striker when his heart is missing in Each round and also one of the main elements was this "EARTH ELEMENTAL" monster that I always relied on in my battles when I used this team because it has a very cool heart and also only takes 3 mana caps and this is a small number.
The most important monsters in my team were "GOBLIN SORCERER" and "GOBLIN THIEF" who helped me a lot in getting rid of the last opponent's monsters because of their amazing "sneak" ability.

The battle was very perfect even though my opponent uses monsters that have high levels and monster levels are very low and they are all 1, where I was able to completely eliminate him with ease, and this is the link of my battle:

So I think that you can outperform your opponent even if with simple abilities and low levels, but you should always anticipate your opponent and think carefully before you put any monster in your plan and ask yourself why I want to put this here.

I hope you have benefited from some benefit and that you liked it, thank you for taking the time to read


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