The Earth team is unbeatable

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Many times I have a lot of difficulties in completing the daily mission due to the good monsters used by the opponent but this time it seems that I have hired monsters that are perfectly suitable for this task and I managed to win 5 battles in a row without any loss.

In the beginning I hired a super summoner, this is the first time I used it and it was really an excellent summoner because it gives extra strength, extra speed and also an extra heart to all friendly monsters and this summoner is “PRINCE RENNYN” and after I use it this time for sure I will use it More next time.

Think of the plan

***Since this summoner gives extra strength to all the defenders with him in the team so I have hired some great defenders in the Earth team and these defenders are:

  • "BEATRIX IRONHAND" This is the first defender I've hired, he's a great defender and he has a good 2 hit and for sure with the summoner's ability it will be a 3 and he's a fast defender too and he has a good heart.
  • The second defender I hired has a super kick and it's 4 and that's what I like the most about him and this defender is "MITICA HEADHUNTER" and I like this kind of defender because he has a very strong kick, great speed and a great heart too.
  • The last defender I hired is "SPIRIT OF THE FOREST" This defender is really superb and I love him a lot and I use him always in my fights, he has very great speed and a big heart as well and in addition to that he has a strong hit and it is 2 and with his amazing summoner ability it will be 3 and That's perfect.

***These are the monsters that I used in most of the battles, especially the big battles, in addition to some other monsters such as "CHILD OF THE FOREST", "JAVELIN THROWER" and "EARTH ELEMENTAL" and also do not forget the main attacker, which is "UNICORN MUSTANG", all these monsters I used it frequently in a lot of battles in this mission and after that too, I hope some novice players will benefit from this video and these good plans.
Put me in the responses, what are your views on the plans, and is there any amendment that you suggest?

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