Technology is a double edged sword



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Technology is the combination of science, machine and mathematics which help to complete a task in a more efficient and simple way. Technology can be in the form of machines, principle, and process. Technology not only aids in performance of any action but also helps in yielding the desired results. Today Technology is in various forms like cloud computing, AI, Machine learning, robotics, networking, advanced processes, etc. It is said that the advancement of technology shows the advancement of civilization. However, it has another side of the story as well. Technology is often stated as a double edged sword. Double edged sword means it can impact the user of it as well in a destructive manner.

Technology has proven how beneficial it is but at the same time the illicit manner of its use also began. It was refined to help in the further advancement, to lead the humans to a greater high, to achieve the desires. Technology in form of destructive weapon like bioweapon, hydrogen bombs, cyber weapons, network attacks, laser based weapons, etc impacts the humanity in the most heinous ways. It not only destroys the human but also the living beings and earth as a habitat. Not only the illicit use but also the careless use of technology can be prone as the threat to the entire world. Chernobyl is a prime accident and an example of such ignorance. Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Japanese nuclear reactors leaking in the nearby sea, Africa’s radioactive dumping sites have shown what devastation technology can bring as well. The use of technology depends on the users only. Various aspects of technology like cyber space, crypto currencies, development in arms and ammunition, etc. now stands as a governance challenge to every state in the present time.

Although the past has witnessed the dark side of technology, the bright future of humanity lies in the best use of technology as well. Technology has helped in eradicating various cellular level diseases like cancer, polio, helped in understanding of sophisticated operations/surgeries in the form of simulation teaching. Digital learning, employment, application of IoT, connectivity, further R&D with greater accuracy are all just the tip of technology. It is the boon in modern times especially where the gap between developing/developed, haves/not haves, high class/downtrodden is increasing day by day. It is uplifting not only the society as a whole but also the individual by allowing them to become connected to the mainstream population and develop their own self. It’s important to note that the major development in humanity is catalyzed in the last few decades where technology is the main gap-bridging aspect. It has touched the life of an individual by solving health issues with the use of nanotechnology, biotechnology. It has connected the communities and societies around the world and strengthened the impact of globalization. Technology is the builder and core of the further advancements of coming generations.

Technology is both a boon and panacea, while on the other side it can have its adverse effects on ill-use of it. It must be used with great care. Generations of research and refinement in science are in the core of technology. We must understand that such huge efforts must not be wasted or become a weapon in the wrong hands. Upliftment and development must be the primary use case of technology. And the sole use of it must remain in the common good of entire humanity.







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