Tired and ill - unable to do anything?

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Sickness and illness are the parts of every life. It's kind of daunting as it limits us to do little more. I have seen a lot of motivational videos, where the gurus just tells us to push beyond our limits, to not settle with illness. I used to see similar videos and one day I felt absolutely sick. Thanks motivator!

Sickness is a natural thing and don't worry you are not the special one whom it has covered only. It happens, and you have to take care of yourself seriously. Here is what you should do when you are sick and still want to walk on..


The body is natural and anything that happens to our body is natural as well. And during sickness, your body demands you to settle down for a while and take proper awareness of this. One should not be ignorant to the illness, addressing and accepting that ok, you are a bit ill but recovering. You need to get yourself in comfort again to get speedy recovery.

Stop fighting against your body

The body is very important and its continued operation is required to live a healthy life. We will never get to know what chemical happenings occur each day in our body, millions of times to get you up and doing. Like we do gratitude for others we should do for our body as well, after all stupid or intelligent or anything, your body is keeping you on toes. Just for a second, think what if one of your hands stops working at all, that moment will be horrible, you will realise the cost of your body, you will realise that although your big brain and heart lies inside of your body, big thoughts and ideas lie in your body, it is nothing with a proper working body.

Move in the direction but rest as well

When we go on a big road trip we often take some time out to give ourselves rest to continue the ride and complete the journey. We are moving towards our goal but we are aware of the car and of ourselves that rest to both things are important. Same thing is with our body as well, give it some time to rest as well, do as much as you cand do during illness but continue to moving on towards your goal, your daily schedule. Don't be too forceful, but don't completely stop or compromise with your goals at all. Take your time but as soon as you feel rested move a step further. And this thing we should bring in our daily life as well..



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