The Ink Well Writing Challenge | Season 2 Week 8

Authored by @shanibeer


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Welcome to The Ink Well Writing Challenge

So we reach the last week of Season 2! Thank you everyone for taking part. Here is a selection of posts that recently won an OCD vote:

Soul in the Ceiling by @justclickindiva
The Body by @morey-lezama
Angeline by @gilliatt
My Life Overturned by @surrealfia
The Eva Watch by @mayifiestas
Lucky Strike by @defolumal
Insurmountable Limit by @gracielaacevedo
This Time They Went Too Far by @deeanndmathews

Congratulations everyone!
Which stories did you enjoy? Tell us in the comments.

ALERT | The Ink Well will be on holiday from Monday 21 December until Sunday 10 January and will only be accepting entries to the writing prize. Other posts will not be curated during the holiday period | ALERT

This Week's Challenge

See the Season Launch post for a full list of prompts. There will be a writing prize with hundreds (hundreds!) of Hive in prizes in December. The theme will be renewal and you will be able to submit entries for three weeks from Sunday 20 December 2020 until Sunday 10 January 2021.

This Week's Prompt

Prompt: "red"

Use this prompt as a jumping off point in your story.

You could start by writing down the prompt and then free-writing for 30 minutes - just writing down whatever comes into your mind. Take a break (twenty minutes, two hours, a day) and then come back and start editing and developing your story. When you have a polished story, submit your post!

This is just one idea about how to use the prompt - it might become the opening or finishing sentence, or it might not appear in your final story at all.

Prompts and ideas for this Season's Writing Challenge are from Bryan Collins at Become a Writer Today.

Rules of Entry

  • using the prompt, write a story that has a minimum of 350 words.
  • post it in The Ink Well Community.
  • use the title format: "theinkwell writing challenge | title of your story".
  • include the tags: #theinkwell #challenge #story.
  • post a link in the comments of this post - this is your entry to the writing challenge, don't forget to do it!
  • NEW NEW NEW - vote on this post - NEW NEW NEW

Only include the tag #posh if you are sharing your story on Twitter. If you include the tag #feedback, you are letting curators and other members of the community know you welcome feedback on your story. We aim to be gentle and constructive with feedback, to help writers develop their craft.

Remember, original work only - no plagiarism or re-posts!

Curation Standards

The Ink Well aims to become an alternative source of long-term income for writers. We are looking for high quality well-crafted stories that have a clear story arc, well-developed characters and a satisfying ending for the reader. We have set out the Season Two programme in advance so you have time to plan your stories over the eight weeks. Don't forget to edit your story - remember we are looking for high quality and presentation!

When they review your stories, curators are looking for the following:

SettingTime and place the story is set and whether this affects the story. Has the writer created a world that is believable?
Story arcWhat is the story arc? Does the story incorporate conflict, climax and resolution? Is the ending satisfying to the reader?
CharactersHow are characters drawn in the story? What is their role in the story? Do they change or remain the same? Are they fresh and original or stereotypical? Are they believable?
StyleThe writer's use of language, imagery and tone. Is the writer engaging? Are they showing not telling?
PresentationDoes the editing and presentation enhance the writing? Has the writer developed their story and corrected mistakes?

Writing Tips

The Ink Well has lots of resources to help you develop your skills as a writer - or if you just get stuck. You can find the full list of tips with links in the latest post tips post pinned in the community. Here's a selection to get you started:

SettingWriting What You Know, Let's Explore World Building
Story arcDo short stories have to have a plot? What is a story arc?The Magic Starts at the Beginning
CharactersCharacter types in fiction, Developing memorable characters, Writing character descriptions
StyleHook your readers, Avoiding the dreaded info dump, Is "show, don't tell" a writing rule?
PresentationEditing your work with fresh eyes, Lessons in Tense, Help for the Grammatically Challenged

Posts that meet the criteria to a good standard (including editing!) will be submitted for OCD curation. The Ink Well will also be looking for promising posts to submit for @curie curation.


If you have any questions, put them in a comment below.
We look forward to reading your stories!

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Thank you for the support of my story for Week 6. I appreciate the exposure.


With my regards to all and my thanks for the space provided by @theinkwell, and the support given to my participation in week 7, I leave my participation in week 8 of this season:

The Queen of Eire


thanks for taking me into account these are the things that drive us to continue, the best story was that of @Gilliatt, they are very original stories with a touch of spice, greetings.


The two main stories I like the most:

@gracielaacevedo in Insurmountable Limit tells a captivating
story about love in times when authorities dictated who to love. I felt touched by this story.

Soul in the Ceiling by @justclickindiva is an exciting story that makes you feel like you were there. It is full of emotion
and it feels so real that one almost jumps off the chair. It is beautifully written. Congrats!


Good evening! I'll ask before I publish.

Can you publish a horror story in the Lovecraft style?