Updates to Hivelist, NFT Collections, and More!



Hello everyone! I will be back to making videos and podcasts next week! This week is a busy week for me due to several things I have going on right now as far as projects are concerned. So let's just get right into it!

Updates to Hivelist

So first off I want to say that I will be doing the LIST Staking Club update sometime this week, but it is not in this update. This is more about new functions and such that are already here and are coming to HiveLIST!

HiveLIST Outpost Coming Soon!

I have been working hard on stacking the BEE needed to upgrade HiveLIST to a new Hive Engine Outpost! This will give us our own naive LIST NFT Marketplace, which would give the LIST token the ecommerce usecase I originally had in mind for it!

That should be happening by the end of September!

LIST Diesel Pool

With the outpost gives us the ability to have a DEX on the HiveLIST platform that ties in with the diesel pools on Tribaldex.com.

The problem now is, we don't have a pool, but going to have one shortly after the outpost launch! The expenses for these are quite large and the fact that I then have to supply liquidity to the pool to start.

I will also be setting up a distribution contract for the first pool, which will be LIST/SWAP.HIVE. This will give the ability for the rewards pool to pay out some LIST rewards for providing liquidity to the pools! This will give us some LIST-FI action going on! LOL.

The next 2 pools I am planning for is LIST/SWAP.BNB and LIST to SWAP.Polygon. Why these combinations do you ask? Well that leads me into the next upgrade for HiveLIST!

Multi-chain NFT Marketplace!

This functionality is already being built on the https://hivelist.io website! I still have some things to set up for it to be finished, but everything should be done by the end of this week!

I have created 2 OpenLIST NFT Collections. The first is on Binance Smart Chain or BSC, and the other is on Polygon. The Polygon collection will also cross over and been seen on https://opensea.io.

We have added in all the instructions needed to add BSC and Polygon to Metamask as well as added Simpleswap exchanges that allow you to exchange to either token. You can also exchange SWAP.HIVE for SWAP.BNB or SWAP.Polygon and then send it out to your wallet. These markets require the native token of the collection. The HiveLIST NFT market will add the 3rd blockchain to the mix when it is ready!

We will be charging to whitelist your account. We will not be going through some manual approval process for this, it will all be automatic when it is done. You will be able to mint in either of the OpenLIST collections. As I said, I will not be manually approving accounts, but there are some terms you will be agreeing with when you mint NFTs so please abide by those terms.

New HiveLIST Discord Server

I went ahead and created a new Discord server for the HiveLIST community.

You can join here: https://discord.gg/9sbymVQjRb

I did this simply for branding purposes. The chat bubbles on the hivelist.io website and the hivelist.store already link to this server.

The Hivelist-chat channel on the HiveHustlers discord is still going to be there, but I am splitting it off really just for branding and to make it a bit less confusing for newcomers.

New NFT Collections



I have been busy the last week or so as you may have seen with a new NFT startup project that I am launching called the @hashbots. You can follow the Hive account or check out the website at https://hashbots.net. There are collections on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and a small collection on @nftshowroom on Hive! There were supposed to be 3 big deployments, but we are holding the 3rd until the HiveLIST NFT Marketplace launch.

I tried to mint on Solana using a newly launched market there, solsea.io, but their launch was an EPIC failure. I then sent a recon set up to WAX on AtomicHub and they didn't approve the whitelisting, so we are just setting that 3rd group aside and waiting for our home chain platform!

Not giving up on Solana NFTs, I have found a way to make a market, just learning how to use their platform, so we may have a release on the next collection for Solana, and that would be...



See what I did there...

And if I wasn't glutton for enough punishment, I started a whole second series called the https://hashcats.net! I am still in progress of getting everything set up and ready for this launch and will hopefully get the first round out to market next week! We have internal markets on BSC and Polygon, which again, the Polygon collection will be seen on Opensea.io.

Blocktunes.net- No Image Yet

And then I have done it again... But this time instead of trying to jump on the 'digital beanie baby' train, I am answering a call of the community by starting up an NFT platform for musicians! I have a background in the music industry, mainly in the electronic music side world, but I used to run a small label and have some experience that artist can benefit from! This project is literally getting set up on the servers as I write this.

I will be setting up 3 collections to start. Mainly for licensing purposes.

The first will be for artist copyright, where musicians can mint their songs or albums as NFTs and hold them in their wallet for copyright purposes. This is one thing I see a HUGE use case in the future for NFTs.

The second collection will be for Commercial Licensing where artist can posts works for sale that they can sell the commercial rights to people or companies for things like using in commercials, TV rights, movies, video games, etc. Many call this Sync licensing.

Then the third collection is for YouTube and content licensing. This is what you would use for the youtube and other content platform creators to purchase the rights to use your music in their videos.

We will then also be offering to set up collections for Artists individually so they can posts limited edition music, videos, etc for collectors. When an artist gets a collection set up, they can choose what sales percentage is received for secondary sales. Artist will be able to pay for as many collections as they like, they can do one big one for just their Artist name, or they can do a collection for each Album etc.

This is all still being set up so that is really just the grand plan I have in my head.

Artist will also be encouraged to join the Hive blockchain where they can post their tunes on the Vibes tribe and be able to set up a HiveLIST store for their regular music downloads and merch!

Anyway those are the main things I have going on at the moment! I see a huge future in NFTs beyond the craze that is happening currently and I am building for the future!

Have a great rest of your week and again, I promise videos and podcasts start back next week!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Looking forward to be part of this and minting some NFT's

Keep up your hard work.
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Dude, I just found you today. and Seriously, I really love what you're doing.