Larry's Splashin' Again

This is my entry in the Larry Is Alive Challenge for today (11/04/2022). I decided that I'm no longer going to try to accomplish this challenge every day. I just have too many irons in the fire. Between time with God, family, work, and odd jobs around the house, there are some days that it's just not going to happen. And I'm good with that. I'll challenge when I can and not sweat it when I can't. I think I'll do good to hit three days a week.

For anyone reading this post who is not aware of how this works, the point of the Larry Is Alive Challenge is to provide an incentive to encourage people to build their online business. One of the key ways to do that is my building your list of email subscribers. The goal is to not only have you set up a LCP (Lead Capture Page) that will add people to your list, but to also drive traffic to it on a consistent basis. This is mostly done through mailers (email marketing) and traffic exchanges (earning clicks by viewing sites).

Let's get started running through the programs that are a part of this challenge:


Any good marketer will tell you when you advertise your program online, you want to send your traffic to a LCP (Lead Capture Page). The main reason we do that is because someone joins you list, you can continue to follow up with them for free. It also puts you one step ahead of the lazy online marketers that advertise splash pages (especially splash pages created by the company you are promoting). How many times have you seen online ads from several different people that were all exactly the same? How does that differentiate you from anybody else?

As a part of this challenge, I am supposed to show the LCP I am pointing my traffic to, so here it is (image captured today). It keeps working for me, so I keep using it. I guess I should tweak it and do some testing to see if on can increase my opt-ins:


The program I promote through this LCP is called Satoshi Multiplier. If you are interested in earning Bitcoin with no investment, you can check it out HERE

Tracking Info

Also, any marketer worth their salt will also tell you if you don't track your marketing, your wasting your time and money. If you don't track where your hits and signups are coming from you could be spending your effort (and possibly your earnings) on ads at sites that don't provide any return for your investment.

The next part of this challenge is to show your tracking information, so here's mine for the last seven days:


Along with these opt-ins, I have managed to have seven people sign up for my program in the past week. I'm not rich, yet, but slow and steady wins the race.

Traffic Sources

There are two aspects to traffic...allocating it and acquiring it. When we allocate the traffic, we assign it to what we want to advertise (in my case, it is my LCP). That results in the hits and opt-ins we saw in the Traffic Info above.

However, before we can allocate it, we must acquire it. Just like we have to get paper, printing, stamps, etc. if we were sending ads offline, we have to have credits to send ads online. This traffic can be acquired one of two ways. You can either pay for it or you can earn it. When you are on a shoestring budget (like most online marketers that are just getting started), you don't want to spend any money if you don't have to. Therefore, you utilize free traffic sources like traffic exchanges and free mailers. With these advertisers, you earn your traffic by looking at the ads other people are sending out. The rest of this post is about acquiring this type of traffic (which we can then use to send out our ad).


The first advertising program we will look at is a mailer called ListNerds. Whereas, with most other mailers reward you for reading emails, this mailer is unique in that it resides on the Hive blockchain and you earn crypto for both reading AND sending emails:

(click the image to learn more)

The Challenge for this site is the read 10 emails for today. As you can see from this screenshot, I accomplished this mission:



The next program in this challenge is LeadsLeap, which is an all-in-one marketing site with a build in surf ads, autoresponder, tracker, page builder, popup creator, and hosting site. While I use many features in this site, the main one we are looking at here is the mailer:

(click the image to learn more)

For this site, the Challenge is to view 10 sites. This screenshot shows this mission, even though the server date says it is tomorrow, was actually completed today:



Next, we leap (pun intended) over to look at a traffic exchange called TrafficAdBar. Like LeadsLeap, TrafficAdBar has several functions, but the one we are looking at here is the traffic exchange:

(click the image to learn more)

Here, our Challenge is to view 25 sites. The reason this program requires 25 site views instead of 10 is because there are bonus points tied to the additional 15 sites. Plus, if you install the Chrome Browser extension, you get 500 bonus credits each day PLUS 100 additional credits for each 25 sites you view. Here is my screenshot showing I finished this task, as well:


The reason I viewed 26 sites today (instead of 25) is because I earn 100 bonus credits if I click a Pro member's ad once I reach 25.


Our next stop is FreeAdvertisingForYou which offers both a mailer and a traffic exchange:

(click the image to learn more)

In this Challenge, we are to view any 10 ads from any of the categories. Personally, I prefer email advertising, so I choose to earn mailer credits. Plus, if you view 30 Solo ads, you are entered in a drawing to win a free Solo ad, so I bump up my views for a chance at a free Solo ad (as you can see by this screenshot). And while you are on this site, don't forget the click on the Daily Bonus. It starts out at 100 credits and increases 100 credits for each day in a row that you click it. But if you miss a day, it drops back down and you start over at 100 (that happened to me AGAIN today).


I also qualified for the Solo Ad Drawing:



Our final destination in this challenge is Infinity Traffic Boost where, in addition to earning advertising credits, for every 10 sites you view, you earn some cryptocurrency:

(click the image to learn more)

In this Challenge, once again we are to view at least 10 sites. Also, for every 10 sites you view, you earn a share of the pool (a share yesterday was 10 Satoshi). As you can see by the screenshot, I earned an extra pool share today (Since you only earn 0.25 credits per view, I like to view 20 sites each day so I don't end up with partial me OCD. Plus, I like getting the extra pool share.):



While, Larry the Postman helps deliver traffic to me each day that I participate in this challenge, I have to admit this is not the only advertising I am sending to my LCP. I have another "challenge" that I try to work on each day that contributes viewers to my LCP, as well. I usually get a few opt-ins and a new sign-up or two each day.

Well, Larry had to deliver in the rain again today (notice the weather indicators in my first screen shot. However, the rain stopped after I started looking.). Only this time he had to avoid tornados and storm surge, as well. It wasn't too bad where I am, but there were some in the area. I can't complain, though. We really need the rain (I'm getting tired of having to water my house). :)


Well done completing the Larry Delivers contest @theroad2freedom, you have earned 10 tickets for the daily drawing.



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