Want Free Bitcoin?

In the past I have dabbled in bitcoin faucets. I would use them for a while and then get tired of them and lay them aside, only to start back up a while later. I think the reason I never stayed consistent with my activities is because I was not seeing much progress (since you are getting it for free you seldom get very more than a few satoshi for each attempt) and I didn't have a way to multiply my earnings so they would grow faster.

Well, a little over a week ago, I stumbled over a new strategy that I have found easy to work with, that has very simple video tutorials for each step, and has strong community interaction that can provide any necessary support. It's called SatoshiMultiplier and the best thing is, like Hive, you can earn crypto TOTALLY FREE.


Also, like Hive, you can spend as much, or as little time on it as you would like, but your progress will be determined by your activity. And while I love my various interactions on the Hive Blockchain, I have been looking more at crypto diversification of late (the old not-putting-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket thing). I have never really gotten into DeFi (it still confuses me) so I figured I couldn't go wrong by earning bitcoin, even if it's only a little at a time.

One of the things I like about this strategy is I can accumulate satoshi whenever I have just a few seconds between my various activities throughout the day. While I love my Hive interactions, I often do no have time to read a post and comment on it or write a post like this before I have to do something else. Since it only takes a few seconds to switch browser tabs and click a button, I can utilize these unused bits of time that I would have otherwise spent just waiting throughout my day.

Another thing I like about this plan is that, while there are a few options you can invest in to expedite your earning process, every program in it can but used without any monetary investment required. If you're willing to put in the time, you can benefit from this strategy. This is a great enticement for other people that might consider this program.

That leads me to the other thing that drew me to SatoshiMultiplier. If I introduce anyone else to this free strategy, I get commissions based on their activity (not what I try to sell them). This means that I can literally be earning crypto in my sleep. I have heard it said before, "Would you rather earn 100% of the profits from one vending machine or 1% of the profits from one hundred vending machines?". My simple brain can see that by making other people aware of this program, I can multiply my efforts and not have to totally depend on what I can do personally.

I know that Crypto Faucets are not for everyone, but if you have ever though about looking into diversifying your crypto earnings and would like to give SatoshiMultiplier a try, let me know and I'll do whatever I can to help get you going. And if I don't know how to help you, I'll make sure you get hooked up with our Master Class support group that can answer any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing about your adventure in multiplying the satoshi in your crypto wallet.