Do prefer playing Crypto-shots for fun or to earn some crypto?

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The gaming industry evolves at a fast pace and it has seen trends come and go over time however first person shooter games tend to have a way to make and maintain their place in the heart and minds of the players.
If you are wondering why am I mentioning it then the answer is Cryto-shots.

Let us look at Crypto-Shots a first person shooting games have an undying appeal

Crypto-Shots was first launched on WAX and as of now it is also available on the hive blockchain.

What is crypto-shots?

It is a 3D Shooter game. If you are wondering what is so special about it then lo behold it is the first 3D shooter game that you can play in the browser.

To make it a 3D shooter game of the times it is a game connected to the blockchain.

let us get started

Getting started is easy as it is a browser based game so you only have to load the game by visiting the game url

However as of now the game is optimized to be played on a desktop or a laptop a mobile version of the game would happen down the line.

To give it a try I fire up the game in the browser of my laptop.
I am a chrome fan so open the in chrome browser.
The game home screen loads just fine however at the bottom there is a message which reads.
You are not using Firefox. We recommend it, it's 10x faster for 3D games!

crypto shots chrome warning1.jpg

So I quickly switch browsers and load the game in my firefox browser.

Two modes to play F2P & P2E

  • F2P or free to play Mode
    One can play the Free to Play F2P game more where no login is required and one can start playing as soon as the game loading gets completed in the browser.
    The load % is displayed as a fast moving percentage counter and the load time depends upon the speed of your internet connection.

  • P2E or play to earn mode requires you to connect to a blockchain.
    Currently the game screen shows the option to connect to the Wax or the Hive blockchain. A future update would enable the user to plug into the ethereum blockchain.

  • E2P or earn to play would enable a user the native tokens of the game Crypto Shots token Dot Omega (DOOM)

Let us try to free to play F2P version and by clicking the option after the game loads to 100% a new screen loads.

Offering one to choose between Easy, Medium or Hard mode of game play.


I choose the Easy mode of game play and the game loads

What to expect in the game ?

Going by the first look
You are the main protagonist or the hero of the first shooter game and you have a gun.
However I found a lot more game details from the whitepaper which would come down below in this post.
If to wish to have more guns and weapons you can buy it from the game marketplace but more about it later.
The main aim is to kill the drones which come after you to kill you.
So either you kill them and move up the game play levels or get killed and its game over for you in that instance of game play.

Every time you are hit by drone fire your health goes down and once a drone is in range and visible to you you can aim and shoot.

  • To move your character around you use the arrow keys or the A,S,D & W keys.
  • You shoot with the left mouse click and with the right you aim down sights.
  • Switch weapons : You can switch between weapon by number keys Q/E or the scroll wheel of the mouse.
  • Jump : every time you hit the space bar you jump and this is useful if you want to reach out a drone that is a bit higher from and away from your shooting reach.
  • C: this key makes you crouch . I used it to duck the over head fire.
  • shift: This is the key to press in case you need to sprint.
    Tab/P: this to pause the game and pull up the options.
    Here is the complete list of controls

How to spot your enemy ?

with speakers turned on you can hear the firing getting louder as the drone approached me.
However I found a better way see my location with respect to a killer drone and that is the red line on the top middle of the game screen.
You and the drone appear as dots so you can work a strategy if you want to move towards or away from the line of fire.

Watch out for health

The left lower part of the screen shows your health. With every body shot you take your health goes down by 10 points.

health n Ammunition.jpg

Preserve your ammunition

The bottom right part of the game screen shows your ammunition count.
You have limited ammunition to kill the enemy drones so use it wisely.
To get a better understand of the game I checked the whitepaper
This gives one a better understanding of the game

Experience of Playing the F2P free to play game

The loading was smooth and the controls are intuitive.
It is easy to play and understand the game even as a noob.
As you graduate one can advance the levels.

The game play was smooth even on an old laptop and somewhat buggy internet connection.

The over all impression of the game ?

The free version left me longing for more. As I was contemplating getting a starter pack and a couple of NFT's I decided to explore the Game whitepaper & token dynamics
The game whitepaper can be accessed from here
I have read the whitepaper and I find it to be an extensive and well written document. It is written as a post on the hive blockchain and has a detailed revision history as well which shows how transparent and professional the developers and the team are about the project.

Here are a few things that I quote from the white paper which can help reduce the learning curve of the game if there is one and help understand the various things which may not be clear from the free to play version of the game.

Game Dynamics

The Game starts at level 0 in a warehouse that is located in deep space.
When you begin you get teleported into the warehouse.
This is a training grounds where you are supposed to kill all the drones by shooting them.
For doing this job you get rewards.
Once you move ahead with your game play you reach Level 1 and you are part of the gameplay story that you follow.

The tip here is to have a minimum set of NFT's in your wallet and with that you can restart your game level as long as you do not run out of time.

Cool Down time

There is a cool down period assigned to both characters and weapons so a player can play for only a predefined amount of time per day and the game follows the UTC time zone for a game timer reset.

The characters come with three types of rarity common, Rare and Epic

Character rarity defines how long you can play the game each day


Thus in a 24 Hour day if you have all three characters you can play for 20 + 45+50 = 115 minutes after which the player has to wait for a timer reset at midnight UTC

Use skins to enhance the game play experience


The weapons



Every time you start playing a game level you start with the same level of ammunition and this depends upon the type of ammunition NFT's that you have.

How is your reward calculated


Every time you start the level, the ammo is distributed among ALL (4) weapons in quantity inversely proportional to their power/damage rate.

(values might change based on testing)
The max ammo possible with all 7 NFTs is: 85

Let us look at the marketplace

Since we are approaching the game with a hive account so it makes sense to view the marketplace present on the hive blockchain
It can be found here
You would need to login to the hive account and use the hive keychain to make a purchase or sell things in your inventory.

There are plenty of things to buy here and depending upon your budget one can buy a starter pack and a lot of other things like ammunition, weapons etc.
This is how the marketplace on the Wax chain which can be accessed from here


If you are playing on the Wax blockchain then you can login using your wax wallet which has the funds the navigation and search of nft's on display.
Irrespective of the blockchain that you may be using to play the game everything is well laid out, easy to understand and the description is easy to understand and self explanatory.

Let us talk about the ingame money $BOOM

This is a project in development and as it progresses there would be plenty of use cased for the in game token $BOOM. TSome of these use casesare lives and others would get implemented on an ongoing process as the game progresses.

  • Purchase NFTs while playing, using our in-game Marketplace [LIVE]

  • Stake it for passive income. You also need to keep some of it staked in order to play, as your player level increases (S2C rule). [LIVE]

  • Buy/Sell it on Alcor (and later on other exchanges too) [LIVE]

  • Initiate a Scholarship; [LIVE]

  • Use it to start/restart levels after level 0. Some spaceships will charge $BOOM and some others WAX. [in-progress]

  • Purchase extra ammo if you run out during the game. You will be able to choose between WAX and BOOM. [todo]

  • Burn some (together with NFTs and some $MARS) to try and guess the combination of a SECRET WEAPON.

  • Purchase our merchandise on our website. [todo]
    Eg. nerf guns, water guns, branded headphones, t-shirts, hats, stickers, keyboards, mouse, shot glasses, branded targets, etc etc.

  • Some of the merch will be 3D-printed and only a very limited amount will be available!!
    Some of it will be in the form of vIRL NFTs!!

  • Earn #passiveincome providing liquidity to the #WAX/BOOM pool: [LIVE]

  • Stake it to earn $MARS [stage: testnet -]

Final thoughts

A couple of things caught my attention

  • A well documented project and detailed white paper
  • A project that is Nine months in the making. I understand the kind of work involved in these kind of projects and the hard work shows in the product being developed that is the game Crypto-Shots.
  • For those interested in crypto, blockchain, financial content and P2E play to earn gaming this is an interesting opportunity to get really early earn in game tokens and make your crypto grow.
  • Since the starter pack is reasonably prized the entry barrier is low and a good distraction from all the red we are witnessing in the market.
  • Playing the game is easy with a low learning curve so anyone can play.
  • Safety mechanism has been built into the reward mechanism so that big players do not get undue advantage and the new players have a fair chance at winning the in game rewards.

Be part of the crypto-Shots contest and win awesome prizes

The details can be found here

Do you want some more crypto-shots action ?

I am incline to do follow up videos involving opening of the starter packs, game plays and product development along with tips and tricks for game optimization.
Do let me know if you would be interested in such content.

Here area few links which you may use for reference
Play now 3D Game:
Hive NFTs Marketplace:
Project Website:

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Now this is really detailed!

You did so well with your analysis from the whitepaper 👌 it is so cool

I can't wait for it to be live on Hive Blockchain


Hi, thanks for your review! 💪

what is so special about it then lo behold it is the first 3D shooter game that you can play in the browser

I'm not sure we can get these bragging rights 😛

The game play was smooth even on an old laptop and somewhat buggy internet connection.

Noice! We spent a lot of time on optimizations to make it run on old potatoes 👨‍🍳

I am incline to do follow up videos involving opening of the starter packs, game plays and product development along with tips and tricks for game optimization.
Do let me know if you would be interested in such content.

Heck yeah! 😎

Contact sniper in our Discord and you may get some NFTs to giveaway 🔥

PS. Ah, and try to win so you can try also the following 2 levels that are already available without purchasing any NFTs!


what is so special about it then lo behold it is the first 3D shooter game that you can play in the browser

I'm not sure we can get these bragging rights

Do I edit this line @cryptoshots.nft ?


As you prefer, I clarified with my reply 🙂

Another browser FPS is and it got recently purchased by Coinbase.. 💰

So, yes.. lots of potential for our project and Hive.. 🚀