Not by accident, but by design: Writing and Curating Daily + Staking = my Hive Power goes BAM!


Note: To be fair, some of the Hive in the increase comes from an additional account I own. However, the Hive earned on that account (robwillmann) was through writing and curating as well. :)

Hive Power goes up up up!

Recently I've been participating in a #ctpcontent challenge to post daily. I've embraced the attitude of writing every single day for several reasons:

  • It keeps me top of mind.
  • I improve my writing and copywriting skills.
  • I earn more.

What, you want more?

That in and of itself is enough. By building a steady stream of content I build an audience, which is important considering the streaming content I'm planning currently. I enjoy writing so it's not that hard to output content. :D


339.806 HP + Received: 279 HP = Upvote heaven

Upvoting and commenting has really worked well, and I want to do more of it. Knowing that I have additional power behind my upvotes only makes it that much better.

Not only is my HP on the increase, but....

Eliana gave me a 10000 CTP Power Delegation. !!!! Wow !!!!

@elianaicgomes I very much appreciate it! Thank you!

I use @threesteps to upvote content and a large part of those upvotes go to folks from the CTP tribe, so I am glad to upvote with a high ctp power as well.

How are YOU growing your account?

I'm staking my preferred tokens and Hive, and selling the rest and converting them to either Hive or the few tokens I care about and staking them. I've been really happy with this account growth and can't wait to see what this looks a year down the road from now.

Leave a comment! Tell me the techniques you use to maximize your account growth. I'm all ears.

Peace and Love,


threeSteps - Hive Curation3.png

P.S. Don't consider my posts financial advice. Do your own research. I write for entertainment.


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Ya know what happens if I keep this up? Hivebuzz will show up and give me a badge. :D