Opening New CardPack and Up-to-date Mission Achievements

Hello friends.
Have a nice day!

I have reached Level 130 and Rank 370 in Rising Star Game.

Today, I bought a new CardPack with STARBITS 10000.

I received below three cards;

One Rare Card R348 Derren featured Fans 150, Skill 150, Luck 3 and IM 4 ,

One Common Card i152 RS Tiny featured Luck 5 &

One Common Card 125 Wendy featured Fans 10.

Now, I currently have total 1196 Cards in my Rising Star Game now.
I am continuing Rising Star Missions with permanent Fans 58070 , Luck 14258, Skill 93574 and Income Modifier 1181.

The following table lists are the total missions completed up to date.

Illegal Busking276
Open Mic Night498
Mid Week Support457
Licensed Busking39
Midweek Headline Slot51
Saturday Support103
Saturday Headline47
Radio Interview812
Radio Studio Session209
Shopping Mall Performance396
Record A Demo243
Local Festival Acoustic Tent117
Local MiniTour Support465
Band Auditions24
Band Rehearsal655
Full Band Support916
Full Band Headline344
County Festival Auditions70
Guitar Fair32
Drum Fair43
Production Fair45
GIFT Charity Gig4
Easter 202212
Summer Breeze15
Halloween 20223
Promote Fan Club203
Record Signing1
A Elfy Dose of Christmas3
Starbits Millionaire525
Basic Singing Lesson15
Guitar Lesson59
Orchestral Lesson17
Production Lesson342
Piano Lesson109
Drum Lesson72

How are you doing?

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Thank you for everything.

Tin Aung Soe