WOO Staking of Receiving WOO from NFT Mining Pool

Hello friends.

15 days ago, the 6 NFT Cards of Wrestling Organization Online Game were added to the NFT Mining Pool as seen in the image below.

Today, I saw that I was getting 342.466 WOO Tokens.
So, I claimed 342.466 WOO Tokens.

Really, there were over one month after I added NFT Cards in Mining Pool.
From that mining Pool, I have received WOO 1369.863 Tokens.

After that, I Stake everything together with the WOO Tokens received from WOO AIRDROP.

Now, I could Stake WOO 3471.9776 Tokens.
This is just the in-game Token WOO collecting activities before I can play Wrestling Organization Online Game.

What have you guys prepared for Wrestling?

Tin Aung Soe