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Author reward: 0.006 CTP for tipu/re-r7odl8-20220221t221027z
Author reward: 3.317 CTP for tipu/re-r6j8hq-20220130t165849z
Author reward: 0.008 CTP for tipu/re-re-josediccus-2022126t154358482z-20220126t144408z
Author reward: 0.002 CTP for tipu/re-re-drazeus-r66kuq-20220123t205657z
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for tipu/re-re-freeztag-r4xypq-20211230t184420z
Author reward: 0.097 CTP for tipu/re-re-bluemoon-2021521t54922189z-20210521t104926z
Author reward: 0.511 CTP for tipu/re-re-clicktrackprofit-qq78r3-20210320t064155z
Author reward: 0.018 CTP for tipu/re-re-luciannagy-qnlywp-20210127t194609z
Author reward: 0.161 CTP for tipu/re-re-adysscheryl-qmwgxz-20210114t011808z
Author reward: 0.02 CTP for tipu/re-re-luciannagy-qmj30n-20210106t194836z
Author reward: 0.996 CTP for tipu/re-re-saachi-202113t23230516z-20210104t042329z
Author reward: 0.041 CTP for tipu/re-i-am-alive-challenge-the-guide-20201204t160853z
Author reward: 0.195 CTP for tipu/re-re-bradleyarrow-qjmsdv-20201111t120833z
Author reward: 3.8 CTP for tipu/re-re-flaxz-qigpjv-20201020t175628z
Author reward: 3.837 CTP for tipu/re-re-flaxz-qigpjv-20201020t175619z
Author reward: 3.963 CTP for tipu/re-lukeisalive-my-journey-to-find-lukethelistbuilder-sent-me-to-bluebarrow-valbeach-edgecastle-foxview-and-back-to-bluebarrow-20201020t083200z
Author reward: 0.011 CTP for tipu/re-qiexig-20201018t194450z
Author reward: 0.104 CTP for tipu/re-nigeria-s-biggest-fintech-acquisition-would-bring-more-investors-closer-ecommerce-to-crypto-20201018t121643z
Author reward: 1.244 CTP for tipu/re-qi5afa-20201017t194522z
Author reward: 1.247 CTP for tipu/re-qi5afa-20201017t194519z
Author reward: 0.111 CTP for tipu/re-qi2dpw-20201012t194722
Author reward: 0.163 CTP for tipu/re-luke-is-alive-october6-day-67-lukeisalive-20201007t031120
Author reward: 3.499 CTP for tipu/re-day-121-lukeisalive-he-didn-t-stop-anywhere-twice-today-20201007t030324
Author reward: 6.545 CTP for tipu/re-day-119-lukeisalive-today-s-journey-around-the-northern-pass-in-listopia-to-find-and-claim-lukethelistbuidler-20201002t024250
Author reward: 0.698 CTP for tipu/re-qhjf7l-20201001t194013
Author reward: 0.205 CTP for tipu/re-re-flaxz-qh8epq-20200926t175147
Author reward: 3.038 CTP for tipu/re-eqigkscq-20200925t183741
Author reward: 0.109 CTP for tipu/re-ggeijrlp-20200925t183551
Author reward: 2.06 CTP for tipu/re-qgumqx-20200919t015854
Author reward: 2.538 CTP for tipu/re-day-115-lukeisalive-today-he-was-in-springfalcon-bluebarrow-westacre-foxview-and-valbeach-20200919t011630
Author reward: 0.066 CTP for tipu/re-re-iamalivechalleng-2020917t14478401z-20200918t194618
Author reward: 0.5 CTP for tipu/re-re-lukeisalive-qgn7bz-20200916t115804
Author reward: 0.504 CTP for tipu/re-qgqsqb-20200916t082651
Author reward: 3.508 CTP for tipu/re-day-113-lukeisalive-and-i-found-him-in-two-of-the-places-twice-20200916t005533
Author reward: 7.395 CTP for tipu/re-day-110-lukeisalive-go-find-him-20200911t181955
Author reward: 0.107 CTP for tipu/re-re-iamalivechalleng-202098t132749692z-20200910t180729
Author reward: 0.517 CTP for tipu/re-qg7r68-20200909t120725
Author reward: 0.392 CTP for tipu/re-qg82n3-20200907t125223
Author reward: 0.806 CTP for tipu/re-qg94um-20200907t124217
Author reward: 1.109 CTP for tipu/re-qg22a6-20200905t234824
Author reward: 1.706 CTP for tipu/re-day-108-lukeisalive-go-find-him-20200902t191431
Transferred 55.789 CTP to cardboard
Author reward: 2.508 CTP for tipu/re-day-105-lukeisalive-go-find-him-20200830t174849
Author reward: 0.21 CTP for tipu/re-re-maddogmike-qfrur2-20200830t011952
Author reward: 7.553 CTP for tipu/re-day-104-lukeisalive-go-find-him-20200829t175403
Author reward: 0.069 CTP for tipu/re-re-flaxz-qfsfy5-20200829t173203
Author reward: 0.345 CTP for tipu/re-ain-t-nothing-gonna-slow-me-down-20200828t114549
Author reward: 0.669 CTP for tipu/re-zahshuko-20200827t180157
Author reward: 4.116 CTP for tipu/re-day-102-lukeisalive-go-find-him-20200826t175201
Author reward: 0.132 CTP for tipu/re-re-bradleyarrow-qfn0q1-20200825t205415
Author reward: 2.472 CTP for tipu/re-day-101-lukeisalive-go-find-him-20200825t174951
Transferred 72.285 CTP to cardboard