My journey to Millionaire Card #2

My main goal is to get the millionaire card and this is where I am at and what cards I have to help get me there.


As of today I am level 29. I have increased by 4 level in less then a week. Which means I am getting closer to my goalwa. The goal is level 50. But I will still need one million starbits.

Here are my recent purchase I have made.
So I decide to purchase some vehicle cards to increase my fan base. These are what I go and how much they cost

This car cost about 18 hive.

Next one was what I think is the coolest thing. Take a look


This one cost 10.5 hive.

In total both cards gave me 900 fans. Which is just what I need right now. But there has been one issue I have been fight and that is the ego.

I am going to have to work on getting skill either thru music lessons or by buy cards with higher skill

Please let me know you thoughts in the comments below.

Purchase starbits or save them?