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Yesterday I published my results, on dealing with the Energy Capture Rate (ECR). These results were calculated values that proved that it doesn't matter at all if you play your ECR down to 50%, 70% or 90% (insert any other percentage value).

@monster-curator, who also graciously curated SPT for me again, then asked if the numbers were real games or calculated values.
(Credit where credit is due:)
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As a small thank you, because it interests me myself and out of too much boredom (and because sometimes I am as we say in Germany a “Korinthenkacker”), I then took the trouble to play 68 games in a row on my alt-account and note down the respective data. I compared these values in the following table with my calculated values to get a result about the accuracy of these values.
(Caution: The table has changed compared to yesterday. I rounded the ECR values from the calculation strongly and moved the DEC rewards by one row because it was much easier for me to enter the real values 😄)

If you want to know more about this, you can have a look at my profile or follow the link:

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Short and sweet: My calculations and findings from the last post are all mathematically correct. Nevertheless, there are deviations to reality, which is mainly due to the fact that I have not taken into account the ECR regeneration (Because it is beyond my mathematical understanding to include that in a formula xD). But that doesn't matter with the basic statement: it doesn't matter at all how many games you play a day! ( least almost. You can find exact explanations in my last post).

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But now to the complicated part and the comparison of the calculated values with the real values:

When comparing my calculated numbers with the real numbers, some discrepancies stand out. First of all, I would like to point out that we can only compare the green numbers in the respective columns and the red numbers.


On the one hand, the green numbers are the ECR, and on the other hand, the red numbers are comparable DEC revenue values.

Why are only the red numbers comparable and not all DEC values?

The red numbers are DEC values that are not affected by a win streak in the real experiment. A win streak distorts the results (just like gold cards or guild bonuses by the way and in fact I used a gold card occasionally, but we just don't take that into account now).

Let's first look at the green numbers, i.e. the ECR values. It is noticeable when observing that the numerical values of the real test increasingly differ from those of the calculated test.

What is the reason for this?

The reason is that, in principle, no time has passed in the "games" of the calculation. In the calculated test, therefore, all 68 games have been "played" within one moment. The ECR regeneration is not taken into account. Therefore, the calculation becomes more inaccurate the longer we play.


The ECR value of 1.05%/hour is constantly added to the existing ECR value (I don't know exactly in which time intervals this happens, but it seems to be quite constant every few seconds, not 1.05% every full hour). This not only simply distorts the result. Because by the ECR, each following result is changed again (and also more drastically each time), since at the respective time again more ECR are present, thus also more ECR are deducted. One can imagine this like compound interest 😄

For example:

Let's have a look at game 65 for comparison. At the calculated attempt, there is still 52.03% ECR available. The expected ECR loss is ~0.52%. This also occurs as expected. In the real test, however, several seconds to minutes have passed between the individual values (games). The expected ECR loss at 53.65% would normally be ~0.536%. However, it is actually ~0.51% that was consumed between games 65 and 66. This is because ~0.03% was recovered by ECR regeneration in the meantime. Of course, this ~0.03% now also affects all subsequent values.
(Funnily enough, you could now also find out with these values how long I have waited for or between the individual games 😁)

Of course, this also has a direct effect on the red-marked DEC values. If there is more ECR, there is also more DEC. Therefore, similar deviations can be seen in the DEC values. Also, variations can be caused by, say, the varying DEC price or by a varying player base at the time of the games. This is the sour cherry on the bacon ice cream, so to speak because it is almost impossible to factor in these deviations.

What we don't have to take into account in my calculations is the rating, since it is outside the Bronze 2 rating range both at the beginning with 747 and at the end with 1007, so this has no effect on the DEC rewards.

Ecr Minimum Absatz Vorlagel recap.jpg

The values I calculated in my last post are correct and applicable under the conditions I set, and prove my point that it doesn't matter at all how many games you play a day. The other considerations I developed in my last post are also correct as far as I can survey.
But they were not exact numbers, also because I rounded a lot to avoid having to calculate with "50,998574624956560798568060668111" such numbers 😁

And even with the real example, the 100% exact number was not available to me, because Splinterlands only shows me two decimal places for the ECR and three decimal places for the DEC income.

In the end, this article was just to prove my findings from the last article with a real example. If you've read this far and would like to read some less complicated advice about gameplay and the ECR value, I definitely refer you to my last post. There you will find some helpful information and not just nerdy gibberish 😅

So here is the link again 😊 (come on you want to click on it right now!):
Click here! Come on pleasseeee click me! As fast as you can! 3-2-1 Let's go!


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