Quote of the Day - Baltasar Gracian on leaving things alone


Transcript for accessibility purposes:
“Know how to leave things alone, for if knowing how to refuse is one of life's great lessons, an even greater one is knowing how to say no to yourself, to important people, and in business. There are non-essential activities, moths of precious time, and it's worse to take an interest in irrelevant things than to do nothing at all."

Baltasar Gracian

I had never heard of Baltasar Gracia before, so I had to search his name to find out he was a Spanish Jesuit priest and writer. I don't know anything about his work or his actions while a member of the church but I liked this particular quote.

Saying no is something I struggle with at work and on my personal life. I've always been known for my above average organization skills and efficiency which enables me to do significantly more than most people in a given time frame. The downside of that is that I got used to saying yes to everything because, more often than not, I knew I could manage it.

The problem is in the last couple of years my routine changed a lot. I got more responsibilities at work, I started my own business and I decided to dedicate more time and energy to Hive so I just don't have the time anymore and it's taking me some time to adapt and learn that I can no longer say yes to everything.

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