Quote of the Day - James Clear on Lasting Wins


Transcript for accessibility purposes:
“Just because improvements aren't visible doesn't mean they aren't happening.

You're not going to see the number change each time you step on the scale. You're not going to finish a chapter each time you sit down to write.

Early wins come easy. Lasting wins require a lifestyle.“

James Clear

Nothing like starting the week with yet another great quote by James Clear. This time, he revisits an old topic but from a slightly different perspective.

I love the way he ends this quote by saying that lasting wings require a lifestyle because it is simple as that. If you want lasting wins you need to be consistent. That means putting in the work every day, forever.

This lesson translates to Hive very well. You will not become a dolphin, orca, or whatever your goal is by creating one great post or getting one great deal on a trade or opening one great pack of cards on Splinterlands.

It takes time and commitment. You need to show up every day, expand your social circle, engage with others and ultimately build your reputation (not that number next to your name, I'm talking about real reputation).

You really need to live it.

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