The Daily Leo #103 - Fake Bitcoin transactions, long lost Satoshi code found and UK crisis explainer

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More than half of Bitcoin transactions are fake

Even though there are literally thousands of different tokens out there, Bitcoin still stands as the king of cryptocurrency and to many people it is a synonym of that word. It represents roughly 40% of the $1 trillion cryptocurrency marketcap. Exchanges all over the world report billions of transaction activity involving the token, but how many of those are actually real?
A new Forbes analysis found out, among other things, that as much as...

Inflation puts Middle East and North Africa on the lead of cryptocurrency adoption

As inflation grows out of control in many parts of the world and fiat currency loses its value, many investors are looking to crypto as an alternative to preserving their savings. Some countries in South America such as Argentina and Venezuela are two examples of that phenomenon but they are not at the top of the list. Instead, on the top spot we see countries in Middle East and North Africa. With inflation rates as high as...

Bitcoiner claims to have found long lost Satoshi code

Crypto enthusiast Jim Blasko claims to have found raw data and files from Bitcoin v0.1 According to himself, these files were thought to be lost for 10 years but with some 'browser hacking' he was able to find it. The code also included personal notations by Satoshi, such as....

Millionaire crypto pyramid scheme busted in Brazil

Brazilian police is investigating an alleged crypto pyramid scheme led by Francisley Valdevino da Silva, aka the "Bitcoin Sheik". He is suspected to be the orchestrator of the scheme, which moved around $769 million (roughly 4 billion BRL). Among his victims are some famous brazilian celebreties, such as...

Understanding the 2022 UK financial crisis

On his latest artcile on Leo Finance, @forexbrokr breaks down the events that led to the current UK crisis. The article breaks down the actions taken by the UK government ad the consequences they had on the economy. Basically, it all started when...

Concern Over Energy And Cost of Living Crisis Fueling Social Unrest

As the winter approaches in the North Emisphere many are worried that the incresingly energy costs will have a serious impact on their lives. In this highly uncertain scenario, many households are resorting to extreme measures, such as...

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